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Using the Breakdown and Summary Options

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Common Questions

How do I set my roster? How do I breakdown my game? What is the summary tab for?

In order to use the the basketball breakdown tools in Hudl Classic, you must use Safari on a Mac computer or Internet Explorer on a Windows computer.

Use Breakdown to create detailed stats reports and shot charts for any play(s) in a game. Use Summary to look at your players individually, or your team as a whole. Summary is generated from the Breakdown to provide individual and team shot charts and a basic stat report for your team and your opponent.

Set the Roster

  1. Select a playlist on the Library page.
  2. Click Breakdown above the schedule entries. Alt text
  3. Click Show Full Roster to see the list of available players. If you don’t have players on your active roster, follow these steps instead. Alt text
  4. Select which player to substitute, then click the spot in the lineup where you would like to add the player. If another player is currently in that spot, they will be substituted out.
  5. To add a new player to either roster, click Add Player, found at the bottom of the full roster.
    • Enter the jersey number and last name of the player.
    • Click OK. The player will be added to your roster. Alt text
  6. Click Hide Full Roster to begin the breakdown.

Basketball Breakdown

  1. Select a player, then click on the court to add an action at that location. Alt text
  2. Click the marker to toggle through available actions. Tag the player as:
    • Make/Miss
    • Rebound: Offensive/Defensive
    • Steal
    • Assist
    • Foul
    • Turnover
    • Block
    • Deflection
    • Charge Alt text
  3. To add an action to the play without adding an icon to the court, select a player on your roster and then click the corresponding action tab.
  4. To add more descriptive characteristics to the action, click the white arrow to the right and click on items from the list to describe the action. Alt text
  5. All changes in the breakdown tab are automatically saved.

Basketball Summary

The quick summary area is an easy way to view all the information you entered into the quick breakdown area for each play in the playlist. The summary allows you to see complete shot charts for the game or drill down to see more specific stats about each team or an individual player.

  1. Click on the Summary tab, located to the right of the Breakdown and Library tabs. Alt text
  2. From there, you will be able to see a summary of your entire playlist, based on the breakdown information you have entered. Listed you will find:

    • Point Breakdown: The way the team earned its points will be listed and broken down according to 2-point shots, 3-point shots and free throws. Click the specific shots you would like to view (3-point shots, for example), to make them bold on the court and easier to pick out.
    • Players of the game: The top players for the game will be listed with their stats for the game.
  3. Click a shot on the court to see that play in the video player.
  4. Click on a specific player from the stats summary to filter the summary chart to just that player’s shot chart and point breakdown.
  5. To toggle between the team shown or to return to the team view from a specific player’s summary, click the team name at the bottom of the summary information.