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Split Possessions

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In order to use the Possession Splitter, you must use Safari on a Mac computer or Internet Explorer on a Windows computer.

Split Possessions

  1. In your library, select the playlist you want to split. Click Modify on the right and select Split Possessions in the drop down. Alt text
  2. Click Play under the video screen or tap the space bar on your keyboard.

    Play your game twice as fast (2X) by hitting F on your keyboard. This will allow you to cut possessions in half the time.

  3. Create your clips by tapping the 1, 2 and 3 keys on your keyboard:
    • Tap 1 to start an offensive possession.
    • Tap 2 to start a defensive possession.
    • Tap 3 to start a dead-air clip. This will allow you to easily filter out dead-air when viewing your video later.

    Alt text

  4. If you make a mistake. click Undo or press the Control+Z keys on your keyboard.
  5. Click Save and Close when finished. A new playlist with Edited in the name will appear under the schedule entry.

If you want to go back and finish splitting clips later, click Modify and Split Possessions next to the edited playlist at any time. (You can rename your Edited playlist on your Manage Library page.)