Hudl is changing the sports industry

We’re drafting the best talent to help.


Hudl is a sports + technology company.

We create software that helps coaches win, athletes look like pros, and recruiters find more talent.


We help teams win with video.

Teams upload their game film to our site, study it, and "break it down" by adding text notes, ink telestrations, and tagged metadata.

  • Coaches

    Coaches then share the edited segments of video with groups of players on their team.

  • Athletes

    Athletes can study the video on their mobile devices throughout the week to prepare for their next game. If an athlete notices a great play, he or she can highlight it to appear on a public profile for fans, parents, and recruiters to see.

  • Recruiters

    Recruiters have access to thousands of games, highlights, player profiles, and academic information.

We have fundamentally changed the sports industry

We've used technology and design to impact the lives of coaches, teams, and recruiters across the nation. Here are just a few examples:

Old Way

New Way


Old Way

Distributing phone-book sized paper playbooks to every single athlete on the team.

New Way

Your playbook is always up to date, and you can share it digitally in just seconds.


Old Way

Send coaching staff on expensive in-person trips to see players in action.

New Way

Coaches "shop" for targeted recruits and filter down by position, height, region, etc., then watch highlights and full games.


Old Way

Teams waste valuable time and money each year burning endless stacks of DVDs to distribute small amounts of video.

New Way

Hudl saves you time and is better for the environment. No more DVDs to purchase, burn, distribute, and throw away.


Old Way

Everyone falls asleep while coach takes 30 minutes to fast forward and rewind through the whole game to find the important bits.

New Way

Coach can create a playlist in seconds that's specifically targeted to engage athletes during every second of film review. Players can re-watch on their mobile devices later.

Don't just take our word for it. Know a high school football player or coach? Ask them!

We are growing

There is no shortage of awesome stuff to work on here. We need your help to create tailored products for each of these sports:










Track & Field



# of users


# of schools with hudl
# of organizations


Amateur Teams


College Programs


Professional Teams


Of All Football Teams

We Work Remotely. So Can You.


Currently, working remotely is available to product team members in six states, the United Kingdom, and Australia:

New York
New York
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
United Kingdom

We’re headquartered in the Haymarket District of Lincoln, Nebraska, with additional offices in Omaha, Boston, London and Sydney.

This is how we do it

Working remotely isn’t new to us. We've been doing it successfully since 2009.

  • 1
    You can join meetings (Hangouts, GoToMeeting) from a searchable, interactive map. No more keeping track of bookmarks!
  • 2
    Major company meetings are broadcast with high-quality mics on a private YouTube page, and all meeting rooms are wired with TVs, speakerphones, and IPEVO document cameras for great telepresence and interaction with the in-office teams.
  • 3
    We fly everyone in to the home office twice a year to meet with the squad in person. And, we’ll fly you out to our regular company retreats. Vega$ anyone?
  • 4
    We care about outcomes and output, not desk time.

I have a question...

Work in a small squad and get things done.

Small, autonomous teams allow us to work quickly and effectively. Each squad focuses on different goals. From public-facing media to coaching tools, to internal development and more.

Small Group

Your opinion matters. No, really.

Hudl recognizes and rewards people who see a problem and just solve it. No approval process is needed.


Better than your dad’s benefits package.

  • Free Football Tix
    Free Tickets

    Choose to see one of our clients play live, and we’ll cover your flight plus a pair of tickets. If you’ve ever wanted to visit The Swamp, Anfield or Madison Square Garden, now's your chance.

  • Sabbatical

    After half a decade, you'll have no choice but to take a two-week trip halfway around the world. Really. We’ll help pay for it. Rio, anyone?

  • Conference Stipend
    Conference Stipend

    Spend it on a conference or seminar of your choice every year. We just want to make sure you never stop learning.

  • Unlimited Vacaction
    Unlimited Vacation

    You're an adult. We trust you to get work done and take a break when you need it. We measure output, not desk time.

  • Kick-Ass Gear
    Kick-Ass Gear

    In addition to a standing desk and dual 24” monitors, you’ll get some cash for the Mac or PC of your choice. Every two years, you get a new allowance and the option to keep that old machine for personal use.

  • Health Insurance
    Health Insurance

    Single? You're completely covered. Got a family? We'll cover them at an awesome rate, too. You can choose between traditional or high-deductible HSA plans.

  • 401(k) with matching
    401(k) with matching

    We invest in you for the long haul with dollar-for-dollar matching up to 3%, and 50% matching on 4% and 5%.

  • Free Lunch Daily
    Free Lunch Daily

    In addition to local restaurants delivering lunch every Monday thru Friday, we give you a fully-stocked salad bar. Free soda, coffee and tea should help wash everything down.

  • Amazing Team
    Amazing Team

    The most valuable asset we have is our people. You’ll be working with a super smart and talented team that is dedicated to making “work” awesome.

Build cool stuff with awesome people.

We’re currently hiring for these positions:



You obsess about great design, have experience building more than just static screens, and have no problem prototyping a website in HTML and CSS.


We value creativity and problem solving.

There’s no client or manager approval process here. When a problem presents itself, our designers have the freedom and autonomy to figure out what they need to do to solve it, and then take action, knowing they are accountable for its long-term success.


We value awesome design.

It’s not just all about function, it’s about the design of the entire experience. From the code, to the visuals, to the page load speed, each aspect comes together to build well-designed, user-centered products.

Designer responsibilities

On the Product Team, designers are responsible for three main things:

  • Visual design
    Visual design
  • Interaction design
    Interaction design
  • Front-end code
    Front-end code

Product Designers work on visual design, interaction design, and front-end code. They typically work as the sole designer on a squad.

UI Designers own the visual and interaction design and often team up with another designer on a squad.

Front-end Designers handle front-end development along with visual design. They will also pair up with another designer from time to time.

Things designers say at Hudl

  • Andrea Leesley

    Andrea Leesley
    Product Designer

    “It’s extremely satisfying to work for a company that prioritizes users, solves real-life problems, and creates meaningful experiences.”

  • Leigh-Ann Bartsch

    Leigh-Ann Bartsch
    UI Designer

    “At Hudl, we have the chance to provide daily value to our coaches and athletes. There’s no greater feeling than watching one of your users seamlessly navigate through an interface you’ve designed.”



You know your way around the full web-app stack: from the HTML/CSS, to JavaScript, to the database. Get ready to take real-world problems and create elegant code solutions.


Our customers love us.

We get to use cutting edge technology at scale to make coaches’ and athletes’ lives better. Our customers are passionate about our product and we love to wow them with innovative solutions.


We don’t have a release cycle.

We don’t believe in multi-channel approval processes. We trust and expect our teams to make sure meaningful work gets deployed to users every day.

Developer must-haves

  • Developer
    You love what you do

    We are looking for people that love to code. They spend their free time reading about new technologies and exploring side projects.

  • Full Stack
    You’re eager to learn

    Full stack experience is encouraged but not required. The most important thing is that you are passionate about what you do, and willing to learn and apply new principles.

  • Collaboration
    You value collaboration

    Most squads have one to three developers – so you should feel comfortable working solo on a project and collaborating with a team.

Things developers say at Hudl

  • Erik Person

    Erik Person

    “I love being a developer at Hudl because our customers love using Hudl. Nothing makes you swell with pride more than a customer telling you ‘you changed my life’ or ‘you saved my marriage.’”

  • Cameron Crockrom

    Cameron Crockrom
    Software Developer

    “Some companies claim to be agile, but Hudl IS agile. I can whip up a feature in the morning and see it in production by the afternoon. Plus, I can do it all while wearing basketball shorts and a Hudl shirt. Why would I want to work anywhere else?”

Want to see what we’re working on? Check out our open source projects.

Quality Analyst

Quality Analyst

You love to break stuff. Join a quick and nimble team dedicated to making our products stronger through testing, pushing them to every possible limit.

Quality Analyst

This is your product.

You’ll do more than just find code defects. You’ll be involved at the ground level in all the product meetings, collaborate in sketch sessions with the designers, and work through the issues from beginning concepts to deployment. You make the call when the code is ready to deploy, no permission required.

Quality Analyst

What others call innovation, we call normal.

Many companies get by strictly on manual testing—that sucks. We automate regression testing, which allows our QA team to focus on testing new and exciting features. We want to make the best software we can, so we use state-of-the-art tools and workflows other companies are only dreaming about.

Quality Analyst positions

  • Software Quality Analyst
    Software Quality Analyst

    Software quality analysts work on our squads primarily to test and deploy our products. They also work with our software quality engineers to write and maintain automated tests around their product.

  • Software Quality Engineer
    Software Quality Engineer

    Software quality engineers work with our squads to ensure our automated testing frameworks meet their needs. They incorporate new frameworks as needed, and help maintain our current ones. Automation is their primary focus.

Things quality analysts say at Hudl

  • Christine Troshynski

    Christine Troshynski
    Quality Analyst

    “I'm always excited about deploying to production and even have a song for the occasion. When you hear "Eye of the Tiger" blaring from my headphones, you know what's going down."

  • Elizabeth Cain

    Elizabeth Cain
    Quality Analyst

    “I honestly believe I tested and pushed more code in my first six months at Hudl than I did in my previous five years QA experience with another company. We move fast and ship awesome software every day.”

Product Manager

Product Manager

You're adept at motivating super talented squads of developers, designers, and quality analysts to design, build, and ship awesome products. Agile masters, inquire within.

Product Manager

Each squad is an autonomous unit.

Since each person is responsible to each other, there are no slackers. You’ll work with an awesome product team and focus on our users' problems. Once we know the problem, it's up to the team to choose the best way to solve it.

Product Manager

We work quickly.

In any given two-week sprint, it's not unusual to deploy 20 times, toggle on a brand new feature for a handful of users, stomp a major bug or two, and interview six or seven users. As a PM, you’ll steer the team through that process, regroup, plan the next sprint, and do it again. Each part of your team has ownership and influence on the project. You aren’t a hired gun expected to grind every inch of productivity out of the team. You are a valuable part of setting the company vision and future.

Product Manager requirements

  • Scrum Master
    You’ll tackle something new each day

    A Hudl PM is a cross between the project manager, product manager, and scrum master roles that you'd see at other companies.

  • Product Manager
    You’ll help your team excel

    You know how to motivate a fast-moving squad through a bold vision that is broken down into achievable goals. You can track the right metrics to help your squad reach the right decisions.

  • Squad
    You’ll play an integral part

    Hudl PMs work directly with every part of the company—sales, support, marketing, bizdev, product team—not just your squad.

Things product managers say at Hudl

  • Brent Hanson

    Brent Hanson
    Product Manager

    “Our customers love what we create and are not shy about telling us.”

  • Kyle Deterding

    Kyle Deterding
    Product Manager

    “Being a PM at Hudl is awesome because we control our own destiny. If we have a problem, it’s up to us and our team to choose the best way to solve it.”

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