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By the beginning of April, it should start to feel a lot like spring outside - at least for most of America. For those of us in Nebraska, not so much. Either way, spring has sprung and it’s time to revisit your Hudl account! Set aside some time to do a little cleaning and show some love with our top 10 tips on gearing up for the 2014-2015 season.

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Android users, get excited! The Hudl app just got a brand new makeover, and we think you’ll be pretty happy about it. There’s been so much love for iOS lately that we decided it was time for Android to get in on the action. When you log in, you’ll probably notice quite a few changes to the app’s design, including the smart new home screen and main menu. The brand spankin’ new main menu makes navigating the app easier, allowing you to toggle between features without hitting the back button over and over again.

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We all love the cloud that Hudl offers, but it gets tricky when game film is the only category with unlimited storage. So every season we’re left with the task of managing the space consumed by other playlists. Fortunately, there are a few different ways to deal with that never ending storage dilemma.

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High school football stat-keeping has come a long way over the last few years. Previously, a member of the coaching staff kept game stats in a notebook. That poor guy would be up in the box every Friday night, intensely focusing on jersey numbers as the players ran around executing the plays called out from the sidelines. Who did what? Where? And who helped?

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I’ve filmed high school football for many seasons and, in looking over opposing schools’ equipment, I’ve noticed most schools opt for cheaper cameras. It’s no surprise that these usually give mediocre results. You don’t need to spend a bundle, but when buying a camera, you can follow a few guidelines and end up with much better video.

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Have you ever needed to do a job around your house but couldn’t find the right tool? You needed to rip some nails out of wood, but the only tool you found was a pair of pliers. Maybe you struggled as you grabbed the nail head and stepped on the board to pull it out, avoiding damage to the wood and silently wishing you had a real hammer to do the job right with less effort.

Tools are designed for specific jobs. They’re perfect for their intended use, but in other instances, they might only be good enough. Such is the case with the current version of Hudl for basketball.

In a five-part series, I’ll fill you in on why I’m so excited about the new version of Hudl for Basketball. I’ll explain how we’re re-thinking our product from the inside out to save coaches time and help them win.

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Part of my job as a Technical Lead on our Coach Relations team is outfitting our crew with the technology they need to serve you. Between purchasing dozens of computers for new hires and assembling a few of my own, I have quite a bit of experience finding the best machines for Hudl. I’ll briefly explain the specs you’re looking for below, but feel free to skip down to the recommendations at the bottom if that’s all you’re looking for.

When searching for a computer to use with Hudl, your top priority is the processor. Intel’s Core series gives you a number of options that serve a range of needs. From Core i3, to Core i5, and finally Core i7, you’ll get progressively better performance with each jump.

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In a world of constant change and upgrades, it’s hard to tell if you’re using the right equipment. Luckily, we’re here to help!

Cameras are one of the most important tools in a coach’s arsenal, so we’ve compiled a list of several different cameras that we’re sure will help you dominate the upcoming season.

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Need another reason to be glued to your iPhone? Our latest update to the Hudl iPhone app lets you view your telestration, text notes, and spot shadows on your iPhone as soon as you make them on

Just update the app when prompted, and you’ll have all your coaching notes conveniently located in your pocket.

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Last week, we announced that you can now download your highlights from We were excited to give coaches, athletes, and fans the option to get their highlights fast and at a cheaper price.

You’ll still order your highlight DVDs the same as before, but now you’ll see the option to download your highlight, too.

Have you taken advantage of the highlight download feature yet? Check out these common questions before you do.

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The more prepared you and your film crew are before you begin filming practice or a game, the better your video will be. Preparation, regardless of the level of football you play, will keep things running smoothly. I’ve found that when I’m properly prepared and have prepped my film crew, they take more pride in the video they’re capturing and the job they have to do.

You may have other ways you get your film crew prepped and ready but this is what I’ve found works best for us.

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This is the final part of a four-part series from Mikel Riggs detailing how he built a professional video operations department at Foley High School in Alabama. See Part One: Getting Everyone on Board, Part Two: The Equipment, or Part Three: Training the Students.

A big part of this season was getting our workflow down. We have a set schedule for our film work during the week for practice and also for game day. Here’s how our week looks.

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This is the third part of a four-part series from Mikel Riggs detailing how he built a professional video operations department at Foley High School in Alabama. See Part One: Getting Everyone on Board, Part Two: The Equipment, or Part Four: Our Workflow

In order for the program to be successful and benefit the football program, student training was and continues to be essential. We didn’t want to put the money into a new program and then not get the quality of video we knew our equipment was capable of.

Here’s how we trained the students.

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Growing up a coach’s son, I saw firsthand how much time my dad devoted to his job and preparing for his team. My father’s time was valuable and as a family we knew that; any time we could spend with him, we took advantage of.

As I started at my first year as secondary coach at Foley High School (Ala.) last fall I realized I couldn’t give the attention to the video operations department it deserved and still fulfill my coaching responsibilities. I used my previous experience from the video operations department at Auburn University (Ala.) to design a video operations department for our team. This added efficiency to our football program and minimized wasted time at the office. The student workers do all the filming and uploading to Hudl. That way, our coaches can spend more time coaching, preparing, and with their families.

Here’s the first step I took to make it happen.

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If you’ve ever called into Hudl support, we’ve probably told you to switch Google Chrome. We live and die by it.

Each of our employees zips through countless web pages each day, all the way from Ancestry to Zappos, taking a hard corner at Slickdeals, doubling back to Amazon, side-stepping over to Homage, and then hightailing it back to Zendesk. Some of us even appear to have the entire internet open in Chrome all at once (I’m gawking at you, @MelissaFabina)

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September was almost as busy as August for our Support team. We slowed down a little bit, but the calls, emails, and chats have been coming in at a record pace yet again. We’re beginning to wonder what we’ll do come winter when we don’t get to hear your voices on the weekends.

Here’s what September looked like for us.

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Your Web browser is one of the most important pieces of software on your computer. It’s most likely the first thing you click when you fire up your machine and the place where you’ll spend the most time while you’re on the internet. There are multiple browser options, but not all are created equal.

Hudl will support several browsers: IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. Chrome came into the picture in 2008, and has been our browser of choice ever since. It has changed the way people can view the Web.

Here are five reasons we recommend Google Chrome for our PC users.

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Football season is our busiest time. We’ve got teams across more than 20 sports, but football coaches push our infrastructure unlike any other. The season is our chance to show you just how serious we are about keeping the site up and keeping it fast. Our goal this season is the same as last: keep Hudl up and running when you need it most.

Keeping any website up and running is no easy task. I thought I would give a glimpse into the efforts we make to ensure Hudl is always there when you need it, along with some pretty sweet stats.

Warning: Things are about to get nerdy.

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We hear from coaches a lot that they need to burn a DVD so that they can watch their video without an internet connection—in the field house or on the bus ride home.

We understand. Sitting idle and not watching your video can seem like such a waste of time during the season. But we think you should ditch the DVDs.

There are four ways you can watch your video offline with Hudl.

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Action on the mat, field, or court doesn’t stop just because you don’t have a camera in hand ready to go. Use the Hudl iPhone app this season to capture every important detail. Now you won’t have to worry about missing the details you need to give feedback to your athletes. Film short snippets of practice, matches, or meets and watch it instantly. Once you’re done, upload the video to directly from your iPhone.

The beta is closed currently (as of 9/13), as we hit 250 teams who filled out the form. We’ll let you know when we open it back up for more coaches. We encourage to still fill out the form to get on the wait list.

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We know you love watching video on your iPad. Now your telestrations, spot shadows, and text notes won’t just live on your account.

View your coaching notes on the Hudl iPad app as soon as you make them on To get started, update the Hudl app when you’re prompted and you’re set to have a really great video session from your iPad.

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Your athletes work hard out on the field and we think they deserve to be recognized in a really sweet way. Hudl Top Play lets you highlight the single most awesome play from a game as soon as your video is uploaded to It’s like giving out the game ball or a helmet sticker, but with the video to prove just how incredible the play was.

Choose a top play for each game, and you’ll have a full reel of your best plays at the end of the season to show off at your end-of-year banquet. Just click the star next to a clip the same way you would to make a highlight. Now you’ll also have the option to create a Top Play. Hudl will walk you through creating a professional-quality highlight complete with slow motion, spot shadows, and music.

Get Started.

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It’s been a crazy few months around here. We’ve pushed out a bunch of exciting updates just in time for the beginning of football season. We’re excited to see coaches push Hudl this season and get the most out of all these new features and enhancements.

If you missed what’s new or just need a refresher, here’s a list of everything that’s new since last season:

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Last weekend kicked off our in-season support hours. We spoke with a lot of coaches who had some great questions.

Lucky for coaches who don’t start until this weekend, last week’s trailblazers were able to help us recognize a few questions we should answer for coaches.

Make your life a little easier this weekend and test these things out before your game.

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Our Practice Scripts beta has been out for a couple weeks now, and just like we asked, coaches have been using the heck out of them to help us make them awesome for the 2013 season.

Currently (as of 8/14), the beta program is temporarily closed while we work out a few kinks and add a few more enhancements. You should still fill out our form, and we’ll activate Practice Scripts for your whole staff as soon as we re-open the beta.

We’ve been getting a few questions about using Practice Scripts and what we have coming down the pipe. We’ve got all that information covered in the post.

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Coaches frequently ask us for advice on which camera they should use with Hudl. There are a lot of great options out there. Whether you’re looking for something affordable to get the job done, or want to invest in something that will give you awesome quality, we have a few recommendations that fit into different price ranges.

If you’re using a camera you love that we don’t have listed here, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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Having the right computer can make or break your Hudl experience. Making sure your computer is up to par is the best way to make things run smooth after your games on Friday. As always, give Hudl support a call (402.817.0060) or email ( if something doesn’t seem right while you’re uploading your video.

You’ll be able to watch video on any computer with an internet connection. The specs really matter when it comes to your video upload.

Whether you’re in the market for a new computer or just need to make sure yours is good to go, we’ve got you covered.

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Put away your markers, colored pencils, Sharpies, and paper. We mean it.

With Hudl’s newest feature, you’ll no longer have to spend hours creating practice scripts and drawing play cards each week. Your video, practice scripts, and play cards will all be in one place: your Hudl account.

We’re rolling Hudl Practice Scripts out as a beta feature that will be free for 2012. Currently (as of 8/14), the beta program has been temporarily closed while we work out a few more of the kinks and add a few more enhancements, but you should still fill out our form and we’ll activate Practice Scripts for your whole staff as soon as we re-open the beta. In 2013, you’ll be able to add practice scripts as an a la carte feature to any package for $95/year.

Here’s what you need to know about Hudl Practice Scripts.

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This is the third installment of our Domination Checklist series, meant to get you in an awesome place to start the football season. This week: Get your staff and film crew up to speed with your cameras and video workflow. Taking a few minutes outside of practice to make sure you’re on the same page with your coaching staff and film crew will make your life easier on game day.

Here are five things we recommend.

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You love your camera guy, but let’s face it, occasionally he pays closer attention to the cheerleaders than the game and forgets to stop the camera between plays. If you didn’t have time to check before you uploaded to, you were stuck with that extra-long clip until you downloaded your video back to the Hudl Video Editor, split the clip, then re-published the video. A lot of hassle for one clip, huh?

Now all your basic editing tools are built into your library page. Quickly split or combine clips and intercut angles online.

Here are some sweet ways we see you using these new features.

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Football season is looming on the horizon. We know that’s when your time is scarce. We want to help you tackle any issues you might be having with your computer or your Hudl account early, to avoid running into them on game night. This is the first of our Domination Checklist series, meant to get you in an awesome place to start the football season.

First up, computer maintenance—If your machine isn’t running well, nothing is running well. Here’s what we recommend for the best Hudl experience.

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If you’re planning to transition to APEX before the season, or just want to see what Hudl is all about, hop on one of our free online training sessions. Sessions, held Monday - Thursday, will show you from start to finish how to get the most out of Hudl. You’ll be able to ask any questions you may have, and can get your whole staff involved.

See what might work for you and your staff.

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In this week’s Weekly Hudl: Another excuse to tweet during the day, The Verge convinces us to go out and buy a hot new iPad, reduce your risk of injury during training, find the value in taking the stairs, and weigh in on the new kickoff rules.

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We held our last Hudl Bootcamps at Glazier clinics this past weekend. We were overwhelmed by the response from coaches this year. It was awesome to see so many of you come out to learn how to coach smarter with Hudl.

Thanks for making our Hudl Bootcamps a success this season. For those coaches who couldn’t make it to a session, or requested more information, here are the links for you to view the presentations at home:

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In this week’s rundown, President Obama tells us why sports is our common thread, Nike creates yet another paradigm in athletic gear, and we learn what an unlimited data plan for your smart phone really means. We also discuss major issues in college baseball and found a reminder of one of the craziest nights in sport’s history.

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Keeping our athletes engaged in the weight room and making it fun for them is a challenge we face every year. Music has always been one of the ways to do this, but putting together a playlist of high-energy music with clean lyrics can be time consuming. We can task our athletes with putting something together, but their music isn’t always school appropriate.

This year, we’ve starting using Pandora Radio for music, and it’s become an awesome hands-off way to bring music into the weight room. The best thing is that it’s free, which fits into my coaching budget nicely.

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This week, it’s apparent Hudlies have been diving into some life-enhancing literature such as the upcoming release of a Doritos taco at Taco Bell and how to fake a nap. You’ll also be learning about time travel, new things Facebook has up their sleeve, and we’ll close with some motivation to get up off the couch this weekend.

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In today’s Weekly Hudl secrets behind conference realignment deals are revealed, track stars take on the 40-yard dash, the creators of the world’s most popular photo app for iOS explain their priorities, VP of User Experience Kyle Murphy is in the spotlight, and our own Brandon Gries pays homage to his childhood hero.

See who was reading what this week:

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We’re excited to bring you the first edition of The Weekly Hudl. Each Friday, we’ll post a compilation of our favorites from the week—ranging from articles to apps. We want to know what your favorites are too, so be sure to post them below.

Here are five of our favorite articles from this week:

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We definitely don’t hide the fact that we love all things Google. Google Reader is no exception. Reader displays content from your favorite blogs and sites as it’s posted, eliminating the need to jump from one site to the next.

Here are some tips for finding your way to more efficient web browsing:

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‘Tis the season to be jolly, and nothing makes us more jolly than a hot deal.

We worked with our manufacturers to get a bulk, discounted price on the Hudl Coaches’ Remotes for 2012.

You can now get a Hudl Remote for $195.

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We love technology around here. We especially love when technology makes some aspect of our lives run just a little bit smoother. This week we have two such things that make Hudl COO, John Wirtz’s, life just a little easier.

See if these two apps might help with any of your New Year’s resolutions:

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Coaches and statisticians looking for a time saver can now use MaxPreps’ new basketball iPad app MaxStatsBB.

This simple in-game stat manager allows you to track real-time stat totals and percentages, shot charts, team and opponent stats, plus other great features like the ability to sync your schedules and rosters from

Download the app free for free.

See it in action:

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Lately I have noticed a trend with our coaches. Many of them want to know how to capture a still frame of their formations and print playcards from reports. We have the perfect solution and it just happens to include one of my favorite tools.

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Check out our newest recommendations here.

We’ve updated our camera recommendations. Click on the link about to see what we recommend this year.

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It’s official. Your Hudl video library is now available on iPad. Click here to download it from the App Store. It’s free.

We can’t fathom a better device for comfortably and naturally watching your team’s video than iPad. The playback is incredibly smooth. We even have a demo account for non-Hudl users to give it a spin.

If you don’t have an iPad yet, be warned: the demo video below may convince you to buy one—credit card payments be damned.

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It’s Saturday morning after Friday night’s game and you’ve just walked into the classroom to start the team’s hour long film session. You pull up your video only to realize that the film is choppy, part of the game is missing due to your volunteer videographer’s short attention span and the camera died midway so you don’t have any of 4th quarter.

There are two ways to watch a sporting event. One, as a fan/spectator. Two, as a real videographer. An assistant coach once told me “I focus so closely on filming the entire game correctly; I don’t even know what the score is at half time.” Let’s learn how to do this filming thing right.

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We all know that computers, like most things in life, don’t last forever. We have seen some great looking computers, but we’ve also seen some that could use a few updates! Keep in mind not all computers are created equal, and you should make sure your computer can run Hudl the way it is meant to be run!

Coaches ask us all the time for computer recommendations. We realize that not everyone is in the market for a new computer or a top-of-the-line computer, so we’ve included a few recommendations to ensure you have a great Hudl experience, based on your current computer needs.

To make sure your computer is set for this season, right-click the My Computer icon on your desktop and select Properties from the resulting menu. The Windows system information screen will appear. The screen will list your computer’s specs so you can compare them with our requirements and recommendations.

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Coaches and parents have been requesting copies of our logos a lot recently. They’ve even asked for Hudl-themed desktop wallpapers.

We’re flattered. So, we spent a little time making a few simple backgrounds to put on your computer. While you’re at it, grab one of our logos to use on your team’s website.

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We spend a lot of time talking with coaches about things that we could improve with their coaching lives. One of the things we heard over and over was that the remotes used to control video right now are too expensive (meaning it is a luxury to have one or two) and they break easily (meaning even if you were fortunate enough to have one, you no longer do). It didn’t make sense to us that after you spent thousands of dollars on an editing system that you also had to spend hundreds on each remote to control it, so when we created Hudl, not only did we want to make sure we designed a cost effective video editing solution, but we made sure that we found a remote that was both affordable and reliable.

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