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We’re not going to lie – our athlete profile pages are boring. But it’s not the athlete’s fault. It’s ours. We’re not doing a good job of making you look like the rockstar you are.

You can’t really customize the page to reflect your true athletic self. And isn’t that the point of a profile? Not only that, but sharing specific highlights with family and friends isn’t easy. They either get your whole profile or nothing. It’s a pain and we’re sorry, but we have some ideas.

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Miranda Smith has seen it all. She joined Hudl a little over two years ago and has totally lost track of how many official titles she’s had since. You would think so many transitions would wear a person out, but she kind of already runs her own business on the side, so it’s really no big deal.

Oh, and she had a baby boy in January – acquiring yet another title as the First Hudlie to Become a Mommy In-Office. Almost sounds presidential.

She has a lot of fun facts to share about growing up, so we’ll let her take it from here.

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It’s only fitting that our biggest clinic of the year kicks off the busy portion of our 2013 calendar. For the third straight year, Hudl will be a title sponsor for the Texas High School Coaches Association convention. It’s always one of our favorite events and we’re excited to bring a crew of 27 Hudlies to the Lone Star State.

As fall nears, everyone always wonders “What’s New?” For 2013, the answer is “A lot.” That’s why we’re bringing two development teams to deliver first looks at Hudl Playbook and the new Hudl for Basketball. We’re also excited to chat about other new features like Tag a Game, Practice Scripts, Insider Accounts, and updates to our mobile apps.

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Basketball coaches love iPads. In our research with coaches, we’ve seen and heard about all the creative ways they incorporate iPads and tablets into their game prep routine. As a designer, I always ask, “Why?” Why do coaches love their iPads so much? And how can we improve on something they obviously love without screwing it up?

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We know everyone is excited to get their hands on our new Playbook tool, so we’ve been working hard to reach the point where a few lucky coaches can start kicking the tires.

Early on, we decided to focus our efforts exclusively on the offensive side of the ball. We have plans for defensive and special teams coaches as well, but those won’t be available until after the season. (We also have some awesome new features being added to our practice script tools.)

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Sometimes we forget Brett Shamblin’s name is Brett Shamblin. We forget because everyone calls him Shambo in a really loud, aggressive way. There’s an SNL skit where Will Ferrell plays a total fratstar. Shambo is Hambone. We’re getting off topic.

What you actually need to know about Shambo is he’s considered one of the most athletic Hudlies. But we didn’t hire him for his vertical. He’s on board because we like him as a person. It’s hard not to when you hear about the service trip he just took to Jamaica with a bunch of high school seniors. How’d he get so great?

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As a football coach, you have a thing for stats. You don’t have to admit it, but we know it’s there. Even if they don’t play a huge role in your weekly routine, you have to look at a few of those bad boys regularly.

It could be in an effort to target your opponent’s tendencies, or figure out where your own players excel and fall short. Whatever the reason, you need statistics, and Tag a Game exists to make compiling them a heck of a lot easier.

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Are you ready for some football? We sure are. The season is right around the corner and we’re starting to prepare for it just like all of our coaches. We know that your time is limited and that a computer issue is the last thing you need when you’re trying to upload your video on a game night.

We want to make sure that your computer runs as smoothly as possible this season, so you can dominate those video uploads. Here’s what we recommend you do:

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If you’re an athlete with an Android, you now have the ability to tag highlights right in the Hudl app. Sure, iOS athletes have been able to do that for a while now, but this time it’s different. This time, you can also trim the highlight right when you tag it.

If you know anything about Hudl and mobile devices, you know we tend to develop for iOS before Android. We don’t like having to choose, but we see more users on iOS devices. So this is extra special, because the trimming feature isn’t out for Apple just yet.

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Ashley Broesch knows Hudl. At least, we hope so. Because she’s our Training Coordinator, which means she’s in charge of training literally everyone - Hudlies, coaches, athletes and parents - on all things Hudl.

When a new feature comes out, Broesch makes sure our support team knows how to answer coaches questions. When coaches sign up for online training sessions, Broesch is probably the one running them. (She’s not real big on baseball and wrestling, so you might get someone else there.)

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I’m biased but I think Hudl is pretty damn powerful. The simple concept of tagging one piece of video with multiple pieces of meaningful, customizable data is incredibly useful to coaches. With our current product, there are half a dozen ways to slice and dice your games.

But the goal with the next version of Hudl for Basketball is to simplify everything to its core. I’ll tell you how we’re starting with bookmarks, notes and breakdown data.

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If it’s the team that’s raising money, why is it you’re the only one making an effort to rally parents and fans?

Well, you don’t need to be. Not anymore, at least.

With Hudl Campaigns, every coach and player can help spread the word with a few clicks of the mouse. It already sounds pretty easy, but it’s actually even easier than that.

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Now that June has come and gone, we’re officially getting ready to kick football mode into high gear. As more and more teams get ready for fall camp, our days become busier and busier.

But before we plunge headfirst into the abyss we like to call ‘August’, let’s recap the first half of the year. Spoiler alert: There’s been a lot of busy.

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