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Archives — May 2013

Matt Munger hasn’t been at Hudl too long - about six months, if we’re getting specific - but he’s already making waves with all things football. That makes him pretty great in our book.

The high-quality work he produces is cranked out at a pace most likely set by Daft Punk. Rumor has it the duo is featured as his computer’s wallpaper. But as an upbeat group of people, we pass no judgment.

Rumor also has it that he’s one of the youngest software engineers here, if not the actual baby.

Mind. Blown.

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As an athlete, you can already use your iPhone or iPod Touch to tag highlights as you’re watching full game film. Pretty great, right?

So why shouldn’t you be able to view and share the fruits of your labor within that very app? Well, now you can.

With our latest update to Hudl for iOS, you can view game highlights, Premium Highlights and Top Plays right in the app - even if your team’s highlights are private.

Bonus: You can also choose to text, email, Facebook or Tweet the link to whatever highlight you’re viewing. If your team’s highlights are private, we’ll give you the heads-up that the shared link might not work for everyone.

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I screwed up. I got anxious and jumped the gun announcing our plans to introduce a Hudl playbook. We heard from a lot of coaches who love Hudl’s Practice Scripts and couldn’t wait to provide a full playbook feature within Hudl. We can’t wait to see it happen. It just won’t be this season.

We’ve built (and scrapped) a crazy number of prototypes because we really want to make sure we get it right. We want this to be the last playbook you ever build – literally. That is the rally cry for our team: Once you’ve built your Hudl Playbook, it goes where you go, from now until the end of time.

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Think about some of your favorite sports teams. Outside of a championship, what’s the one thing you want from them? Inside information. You read the newspaper, watch ESPN, and check Twitter, but do you ever really get enough?

Now, think about the team you coach. Your team’s supporters - fans, parents, and alumni - are in the same boat. They want to know more, and chances are they’re willing to pay for it, as long as it helps the team.

You’re sitting on a pile of money and you don’t even know it.

You already ask your supporters to buy cookie dough, discount cards, pizzas - things that don’t excite them. Instead, give them something they actually want: an Insider Account.

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Hudl Up Tour 2013 is in the books and we like to think it had a pretty good run. Based on the feedback we’re getting from coaches, one of the most popular sessions was our Ideal Friday Night Workflow. We want you to make the most of your time with Hudl - especially on those days where you want to get home as quickly as possible - so check out the steps below and get used to an earlier Friday night bedtime.

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John Prauner has been part of the business development team for about five months now. He hopped on board in December as the brains of our new fundraising operation, and it would be hard to deny the impact he’s made. Our Insider Accounts are in full swing and Campaigns are on the horizon. JP is more excited than anyone.

Which is great, because the only reason we hired him in the first place was to keep his younger brothers, Seth and Todd, in line. It’s nice to see everyone coming out on top.

Especially considering John was previously employed at a bacon factory, and you can’t beat bacon. You just can’t.

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Eric Clymer has been with Hudl for nearly five years. He started as a QA contractor when he was just a freshman at UNL, then he moved on to QA Intern, then Development Intern, and now he’s a full-time Software Engineer.

He works primarily with the Fan team doing all things highlights, so he thoroughly enjoys the process of creating and sharing them. He really just enjoys sharing any and all links possible. You’d never guess by the answers he provided, though.

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Do you have an iPad? Does it have the Hudl app? Do you use that app to review film with coaches and players? If you answered yes to all of the above, we have an update you’ll love: Laser Pointer for iPad.

This isn’t the laser pointer you’re used to. In fact, you’ve had this laser pointer your whole life - you just didn’t know it.

With Laser Pointer for iPad, your finger does the drawing.

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As a high school teacher and football coach, the old adage is “football doesn’t pay the bills”. People who utter these words aren’t aware of the amount of time, effort and shoe leather that goes into running a successful program.

Think of the program as a car: You can do the bare minimum and change the oil twice a year, wash at the end of the winter, etc. Your car runs, but are you getting the most performance out of your machine? Compare that to the person who washes and details their vehicle regularly, keeps the tires properly inflated and rotated, and gets all scheduled maintenance done on time regardless of cost and inconvenience. The later description is often called a “car guy” and, for the purposes of this discussion, the equivalent to a high school football coach.

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Allie Harman joined the Hudl team in January 2011 as a member of our Internal Sales team that doesn’t go by ‘Internal Sales’ anymore. (We like to change titles pretty regularly. Don’t worry about it.)

Now, she’s part of the business development team and number one baller in Hudl for Club & Youth. Ask her about our new Basic and Elite packages and you’ll be amazed by how good she is at her job.

Outside the office walls, Allie is doing something Husker-y. Whether it’s attending a game or just wearing one of her million Nebraska pullovers, the girl bleeds Husker red. And I mean that literally - she cut her finger earlier this week and I saw it. Sorry if you’re squeamish, we’ll get to the good stuff:

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Fundraising. It’s never fun, it’s always time-consuming, and it rarely gives you the funds you really need. So we’re pretty happy to announce that your days of selling cookie dough, wrapping paper and magazine subscriptions are over. It’s time to give your team’s supporters something they actually want: Hudl Insider Accounts.

With Hudl Insider Accounts, parents, alumni and fans pay for access to your team’s game film.

That might sound a little scary, but here’s the deal: you choose who receives an invite, how much they pay, and what video they see.

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So, April is officially in the books and we’re getting a little antsy here on the support team. This is the second straight month we’ve taken fewer than 3,500 calls and frankly, we’re worried you guys might not like us as much anymore.

We’re sure you’ve just been busy with other activities, but we’re starting to get a little lonely. Here’s the breakdown.

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Jake Mullins is a Quality Assurance Analyst. That means he’s dedicated to making sure Hudl does what it’s supposed to and then some. He’s been with the product team for two years this month and, though he complains about his muggle upbringing, he’s 100% Hudl wizard.

When he’s not at work, Jake’s busy obsessing over superheroes. And when we say obsessing, we mean he’s so consumed by Clark Kent and company, it could be at the disease level. But that’s totally fine, because he’s basically our product team Superman. Just keep reading to learn more about this man of steel and kid at heart.

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Think of it as a life swap, but not really a swap: We want a coach to visit us at the Hudl office and dig in with our product team. On top of that, we want to visit a team at some point in-season to see how Hudl fits into their daily operations.

Note: We’re not saying the coach who visits Hudl has to coach the team we’ll visit later this year - volunteering for one does not automatically qualify you for the other. Just sign up for whatever you’re most comfortable with. (If that means doing both, by all means, please do.)

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