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Archives — March 2013

Lyndsey’s been a member of the Hudl Sales Team for exactly two years and one month. The tricky part is that she spends more time on the road than in the actual office - she’s been in Nebraska a total of 20 days in 2013.

The girl may as well become a pilot and fly herself, she travels so much.

But that’s not why we like Lyndsey. She gets stuff done and doesn’t let anything get in her way - unless it’s pollen season. She can take on a room full of the toughest coaches without breaking a sweat; but throw some flowers in her face and she’s completely incapacitated.

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In a world of constant change and upgrades, it’s hard to tell if you’re using the right equipment. Luckily, we’re here to help!

Cameras are one of the most important tools in a coach’s arsenal, so we’ve compiled a list of several different cameras that we’re sure will help you dominate the upcoming season.

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In honor of the glorious return of March Madness, we turned to one of our biggest basketball fans for Hudlie of the Week.

Tyler Bell joined Coach Support in June 2012 and we knew he was trouble from the start. With fake screen names and scary Photoshop skills, he quickly earned the title of office prankster.

Tyler switched roles late last year and now spends his day as an account manager. All that really means is his list of targets has grown. Nobody is safe.

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For the second year in a row, we’re trekking coast to coast for the Hudl Up Tour. We had a nice run in 2012, so we’re going bigger and better this time around. That means 37 stops in less than two months to see all of you. We’ll introduce new features and old tricks, and share ways your opponent is getting the most out of Hudl.

The free event is split into three 30-minute sessions, giving you the ability choose what you learn.

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Erik Person has been part of the Hudl team longer than almost anyone, but that doesn’t mean we all know him super well.

You see, Erik lives in Texas. We try not to judge him for it, but when the guy’s a pilot and doesn’t use his flying abilities to make frequent Lincoln visits, grudges are held. Then he makes some witty comment and gets everyone to laugh and we’re magically unmad. It’s so unfair.

In all seriousness, Erik is a funny guy. If he wasn’t working at Hudl, he’d be the third member of the Penn, Teller and Person comedy and magic trio - taller than Teller, but less verbal than Penn. Really, he said that. Here’s what else he said.

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Looking up prospects on the go just got a lot easier. With Mobile Recruit, your favorite Hudl Recruit features are now available on the iPad.

You can comb through all 500,000 Hudl athletes, view highlights, and update your staff’s boards anytime, anywhere.

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In November 2012, the Northeast was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. Most schools were closed for at least a week, if not more. Our school was dismissed for a week due to the amount of destruction in our town and how unsafe the area was post-Sandy. Not to mention we didn’t have power at the high school for five days. We downloaded cut-ups and game film to our iPads, iPhones, Androids, any device we could to stay ahead of the curve, knowing we were going to lose power and internet. We shared what we wanted our kids to download and sent out a Hudl message telling them what to download.

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Sara Breen is a Coach Relations rockstar. The girl has dominated support and is a go-to for the billing and sales departments. Whatever you throw Breen’s way, consider it done.

While her work ethic is a decent reason to keep her around the office, we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that one of our favorite things about Sara is her inner Martha Stewart. I’m sure we could all blame a couple of extra pounds on her. Cheesecake chocolate chip bars, chocolate caramel brownies, Rolo-stuffed snickerdoodles - the woman is a kitchen magician.

She has some radical opinions on the better parts of this great nation, but we don’t argue for fear of a dessert embargo.

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March Madness doesn’t carry the same meaning on the Hudl clinic circuit, as it marks the end of our yearly run at 32 Glazier and 17 Nike COY clinics. That makes us sad, so we’re ramping up our plans for the 2013 Hudl Up Tour: an 8-week, 37-stop excursion beginning April 2 in Omaha.

Don’t think we’ll just sit around and watch basketball all month - we will still carry a strong presence at nearly 40 clinics in 23 states, including several in the next three weeks. Then, keep an eye on our blog, Twitter and Facebook for more information on the 2013 Hudl Up Tour. We have several ideas that will hopefully get you excited to come out and see us.

Again, it is March - Cue this!

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Love was certainly in the air for our Coach Relations team in February. We had our slowest month since June 2012, which allowed us to send a ton of Hudlies from our team out to clinics around the country to spread the Hudl love.

It also gave some of us the chance to test our athletic abilities. Take a look at these numbers.

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Mike Williams joined the Hudl team in June of 2012 and we’ve been big fans from the start. As a product designer, it’s Mike’s job to design experiences and interfaces for Hudl products and features. He makes Hudl look good.

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