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Archives — February 2013

With our Practice Scripts officially out of beta, we want to fill everyone in on what the feature has to offer so you can make an educated decision on whether or not it’s right for your team.

Whether you were a beta tester or not, the Practice Scripts feature can now be accessed right from your Manage Tab. Beta testers will see all of their old work, while non-beta users will see a video and the option to get started.

Practice Scripts is an a la carte feature. Signing up adds $95 to your next invoice. If you were a beta tester, the $95 has already been added, but you can choose to turn it off at any time.

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Daniel Mickells joined the Hudl team in May of 2011 as a Coach Support Specialist and worked his way into account management later that year.

Daniel is more of the strong silent type. He doesn’t say much, but when he does, it’s worth hearing - mostly because he’s too sarcastic for his own good.

Aside from that, he’s known around the office for his panhandling. Really, swing by his desk at Hudl headquarters and you’ll see signs asking for your change. It’s just a Halloween bit that’s gotten out of control, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves:

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It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to Hudl or an old pro, our training sessions are now designed to help users at every level. We give you a live connection to someone in the office who can teach you exactly what you need to know. Did we mention they’re free?

Our football training has expanded from one introductory course to many feature-specific sessions you can choose from. On top of that, we also have complete training sessions for other sports including basketball, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, track and field, baseball, softball, and wrestling.

Check out the schedules below and register for an upcoming session.

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February marks Tyson Stewart’s two-year anniversary with Hudl and if there’s a better way to celebrate than making him Hudlie of the Week, well, we don’t really care.

Tyson is a DevOps Lead. He’s in charge of making sure Hudl is fast and functional and makes sure the product team can quickly crank out new features. All of this means he’s pretty smart.

So smart, in fact, that he was able to write a pretty killer haiku, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

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While we wish we could give Valentines to all of our coaches and athletes, we decided it was time to show the Android universe some love.

You’ve seen iOS users bask in the ability to download playlists for offline viewing and upload clips straight from their mobile device. Now, it’s your turn.

We have some awesome new updates coming down the pipe, but we need your help in making sure everything is up to par.

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Ninety-five clinics down, and about 139 to go. Last week concluded another busy traveling weekend, as we had 15 clinics. Except for winter storms delaying travel for a few of our employees, it was a successful weekend reaching coaches from coast to coast.

This week alone, we’ll hit 15 more clinics. Luckily, we have plenty of travel lovers in the office who help make this possible.

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It’s 2013, so it’s time for a new year of supporting our coaches’ faces off. We got off to a hot start in January.

A couple of things have become more and more apparent: football is a year-round sport for a lot of teams and other sports such as basketball and volleyball are starting to use Hudl A LOT more.

We’re staying busy answering your calls, emails, chats, and tweets. Here’s how it broke down for the month.

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National Signing Day is a great time to congratulate the Class of 2013 on excellent high school careers and wish them well in playing at the next level.

It’s also the perfect reminder that the classes of 2014 and 2015 don’t have long before they’re the ones at the podium, announcing their school of choice.

Whether you’ve already started the recruiting process or you have yet to give it any thought, take a look at some tips we collected from college coaches across the country.

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You’ll never hear another Hudlie call Ryan Stubbe by his first name. He’s just Stubbe (pronounced stoo-bee).

Stubbe started at Hudl in September of 2011 as a Coach Support Specialist. That winter, he moved to Account Management and just last fall, he became one of our internal sales representatives.

The man can’t be contained.

More often than not, he’s the butt of office jokes, but it’s all said and done out of love. Once you see what he has to say for himself, you’ll see exactly where we’re coming from.

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It’s time to give your quarterback the attention he deserves. This is the perfect opportunity to apply your improved, simplified attitude and increased repetitions.

Passing five times a game applies much greater pressure than passing 20 times a game. The value-per-rep and the cost of failure increases as game-time passing repetitions decrease. Too often, coaches get mad at their quarterback for making the incorrect read on a play, but they only practiced the play seven times that week. When the repetition is reduced, success becomes scarce.

Optimize your QB play with more passing in practice and during games. Interceptions will happen, but that is part of the process; without failure, there is no learning.

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In December, we made it our mission to find out exactly what coaches around the country wanted to learn at this year’s Glazier clinics. What we heard repeatedly was that coaches were most interested in learning what “the school down the street” was doing with Hudl that they were not.

We have been traveling around to schools across the country learning the best workflows and we want to showcase them to you at a Glazier in 2013.

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You should hear about Mathew May’s Spring of 2012, then you’ll get a pretty good idea of the kind of guy he is: In a three-week span, Mathew graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, started working at Hudl as a Coach Support Specialist, and got married. In three weeks. And he lived to tell about it!

While that’s impressive, what really stands out about Mathew is his assumed role as office handyman. When there’s a desk or chair that needs fixing or assembling, Mathew is your guy.

He’s also pretty good at making people laugh. It’s because of guys like him that a sarcastic font should exist.

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