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You know getting reps during the team segment of practice ensures the offense and defense get a game-like environment. Clearly, you should increase team segments as the season goes on, right? Wrong. Sacrificing individual skill development and consistency quenches discipline and fundamentals.

Now that you have all coaches and players on the same page with a common language and simplicity, it’s time to organize your practice to give team and individual reps the attention each deserves.

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With 264 champions across all 50 states, we feel we have the right to continue bragging. Having the greatness divided into four separate posts wasn’t doing it justice, so behold: a complete list of 2012 Hudl Champions.

We couldn’t be prouder of these teams and the way they dominated last season. Here’s to you - coaches and players, parents and fans. Congratulations on an amazing 2012 and good luck in 2013.

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Clinic season is in full swing and we’re excited to send many of our 70 employees and field reps across the country to meet and chat with all of you. We plan to attend over 150 clinics throughout the calendar year, several of which are taking place in the next couple months.

No matter where you are, be sure to find our booth and ask any questions about Hudl or just snag some free swag.

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It’s no secret we’re a bunch of nerds who love sports, but when Caitlin Donohoe tells you she loves sports, she means it.

She has a pretty polarizing list of favorite teams, including the New York Yankees and Creighton Bluejay basketball. You can try arguing with her about either, but you may not make it out alive.

Lucky for us, that same passion fuels her work with our Coach Relations team. We also lucked out in her decision to stick around Lincoln, Neb. for a while. She’s never been the kind of person to stay in one place for too long.

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Does your quarterback look indecisive on the field, are your pass plays hit-or-miss, or is the win column paltry? You might have a talent problem or a coaching problem. Then again, maybe it’s a practice problem.

For 15 years, I observed hundreds of football programs ranging from youth to Division I and made a critical determination: Successful programs share several things in common, but the most crucial to QB consistency and pass completion is a well-planned practice.

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Abraham Chavez spends his days making sure Hudl.com is running as it should and fixing things when they break. He probably just became your favorite person, but even when you get to know him, Abraham is quite the mystery. For example: He only goes by Abraham in the office. His closest friends call him Diego and chances are that a lot of Hudlies didn’t know that until right about now.

We could spend hours trying to convince you how soft-spoken he is, but take a glance at his life story and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

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We’ve talked about how great 2012 was for our teams, and we want to get you started on the right foot in 2013.

We received a lot of feedback about last year’s early renewal campaign and the most requested incentive we heard from coaches was more storage hours.

Your prayers have been answered.

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It will be tough to forget this wrap-up of 2012 State Champions. We have teams from across the country and a variety of divisions and classes.

We are very proud of how this group of teams finished the year on such a high note. The offseason is bittersweet for football players and coaches everywhere, but soon enough Friday night lights will be back in full swing. Until then, keep dominating!

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You may recognize Project Manager Kyle Deterding from his world famous promotional videos, you may not. You should however, get to know him, considering he was one of the driving forces behind our new mobile pages.

Aside from making awesome things like Top Play, Kyle spends his workday strolling through the Hudl office, making sure everyone sees his bright and shining face at some point. He’s just super popular. Let’s find out how that happened.

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Our Practice Scripts feature was welcomed with open arms in the fall. Next month, we’re turning it into an a la carte feature. When your next bill is due, you can pay $95 to keep the feature, or opt out and we’ll turn it off. Don’t worry, turning it off doesn’t delete anything. All of your old cards will be there if you change your mind.

If you haven’t played with Practice Scripts yet, fill out this form and we’ll turn them on. Take them for a test drive to find out what they can do for your team and make an educated decision when your next payment date comes around.

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If you have a minute, grab your iPhone or Android phone and check out Hudl’s new athlete and team pages.

Not only do they look awesome, but sharing and viewing highlights on the go just got a lot easier. With the updated mobile pages:

  • Watching game highlights, Premium Highlights, and Top Plays doesn’t require Silverlight.
  • Sharing a highlight to Twitter or Facebook can be done right from the highlight page.
  • Highlights automatically fill the screen - no need to pinch for zooming in and out.
  • Music will play and spot shadows will appear, just like before.
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Todd Prauner has been around. He started in Coach Support in 2010 and moved to Internal Sales a year later. After that, he was dubbed our Financial Analyst. Currently, he’s a Coach Relations Lead, but that comes after his little stint as an Account Manager.

He’s pretty much the man and he has plenty of interesting tidbits to share. He’ll take it from here:

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Now that 2012 is officially in the books, we can look back on it with fond memories.

It was a year of records for our support team as we took the most calls, emails, and chats that we’ve ever had. Here are some mind-boggling numbers for you to chew on.

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The New Year is here, which unfortunately means the end of high school and college football. On the bright side, it also marks the beginning of another busy clinic season for Hudl!

It all starts with one of the biggest meet-ups of the year, the American Football Coaches Association convention. We will be sending more than 20 Hudlies to Nashville this week for the AFCAs, and we couldn’t think of a better way to kick off 2013.

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