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Archives — December 2012

Believe it or not, there’s plenty of girl power in the Hudl office. While our main job is keeping the boys in line, we’ve done our fair share of supporting coaches, managing accounts, and blasting some tweets.

Brianna Black has actually done it all. She started in May with Coach Support and became an Account Manager just last month. That transition is exciting and everything, but this girl’s life is pretty interesting. Only her words can do it any justice.

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‘Twas the end of football season and all the little Hudlies were tucked away behind their desks, with thoughts of holiday cheer dancing through their heads. Holiday music filled the office, from classics like “Oh Holy Night” to “Jingle Bells”, and what 90s girl can pass up the ‘NSync Christmas CD?

Christmas came early to the office when Hudl swag and Secret Santa presents appeared.

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We’re taking a little break from blogging while everyone heads home for the holidays. But before we go, we’ll leave you with another Hudlie of the Week.

Brandon Gries is an Event Coordinator, a basketball fan, and a candy fiend. He’s Nebraska born and raised and would give anything to become best friends with Tim Miles.

We wish we could share the home videos from Brandon’s younger years, but his descriptive life story will have to do the trick.

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This round of champions is full of talent. This time we have included the division or class of the team along with who the champions defeated. We are happy to say this list is the largest one we have had so far this year with close to 130 teams. We encourage you to look at these successful teams’ highlights from the 2012 season by clicking on the school name. Congratulations from the Hudl staff and keep Dominating!

If you don’t see your school on this list we will be sure to get you in the next round.

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Our Hudl Glazier Bootcamps are back this year and we need your help to make them better than ever. We want to showcase the ways you successfully used Hudl this year so other coaches can learn from the best. Tell us about the awesome workflows your team used to Dominate this season.

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In honor of yesterday’s Mobile Highlights announcement, we took the time to get to know the brains of the operation, Luke Stevens.

Luke joined Hudl as a software engineer in October of this year and has already made a big impact on our mobile team. When he’s not busy at the office, he likes hanging out with his dog, Riley.

We’re not sure if Riley knows everything we’re about to learn, but we’ll start with the basics, courtesy of Luke himself.

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Update your iPhone app to access Mobile Highlights. You can mark any game footage as a highlight right from your phone.

As your video plays, just double tap the screen to mark a highlight. A star will appear on your screen and in the online library, and the clip will go straight to your highlight page.

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Last week we took a look at some pretty awesome pass plays from teams all across the country. This week we are switching it up a bit and taking a look at some monster hits. These hits might make you want to look away for a second.

Check out our Top 5 Hits this week.

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We stayed within the Support Pit for our next Hudlie of the Week. This time, we’re getting to know Coach Relations Lead Mark Ketcham.

Mark joined Hudl Coach Support in July 2011, but he had plenty going for him before that. We’ll let him fill you in.

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With football season wrapping up it’s time we take a look at some of this season’s top plays. This week we found some quarterbacks who made some great passes and made their receivers look good by putting the ball where it needed to be at the right time.

Check them out:

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You’ve already seen how great capturing and publishing on your iPhone or iPod touch can be, so now it’s time to take your video to the big screen. Now you can capture and publish video from your iPad.

Don’t miss the chance to give instant feedback to your athletes as soon as they leave the mat, field, or pool.

When you’re ready, just publish to Hudl.com directly from your iPad.

See it in action.

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We had a lot to be thankful for this November. Namely, fewer phone calls, chats, and emails and more time to watch your Top Plays. We’re gearing up for your winter sports too.

Here’s a look at November by the numbers.

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We wanted to take a break from feature announcements and Top Plays to congratulate the second round of Hudl state champions. Besides cheering on the Nebraska Huskers all season, everyone here in the Hudl office has been supporting and cheering on this very large and successful group of coaches and athletes.

Listed below is the second round of state champions. If you don’t see your team’s name don’t worry we will get you on the next list! And if you missed the first round of Hudl Champions, check it out here.

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