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The more prepared you and your film crew are before you begin filming practice or a game, the better your video will be. Preparation, regardless of the level of football you play, will keep things running smoothly. I’ve found that when I’m properly prepared and have prepped my film crew, they take more pride in the video they’re capturing and the job they have to do.

You may have other ways you get your film crew prepped and ready but this is what I’ve found works best for us.

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This is the final part of a four-part series from Mikel Riggs detailing how he built a professional video operations department at Foley High School in Alabama. See Part One: Getting Everyone on Board, Part Two: The Equipment, or Part Three: Training the Students.

A big part of this season was getting our workflow down. We have a set schedule for our film work during the week for practice and also for game day. Here’s how our week looks.

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Update: Hudl has weathered the storm - our developers are staying on high alert, but we’re confident in our infrastructure moving forward. Thanks for hanging with us.


We want to alert you to a potential situation: Hurricane Sandy is headed for the East Coast, where a majority of our data centers are located. Our developers are hard at work to make sure the impact to Hudl is limited, but there is only so much we can do when combating Mother Nature.

Here’s what we recommend.

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This has been a great week of celebration. We remembered how awesome you were in helping us celebrate 5,000 so we had no doubt you would really step up your game for 10,000. Thanks for all the great pictures and comments on our Facebook wall and Twitter during our week of giveaways.

Thanks to all our partners who have helped us achieve our goals this year. We look forward to helping you achieve your team goals in the coming seasons.

Here’s what this goal means to us.

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Famed Oregon track coach and co-founder of Nike, Bill Bowerman once said “If you have a body, you’re an athlete.” We couldn’t agree more.

Comin’ at you, most likely from a box in their parents’ basement: Hudlies share their greatest athletic accomplishments through Top Plays.


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This is the third part of a four-part series from Mikel Riggs detailing how he built a professional video operations department at Foley High School in Alabama. See Part One: Getting Everyone on Board, Part Two: The Equipment, or Part Four: Our Workflow

In order for the program to be successful and benefit the football program, student training was and continues to be essential. We didn’t want to put the money into a new program and then not get the quality of video we knew our equipment was capable of.

Here’s how we trained the students.

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We love hearing from our users and wanted to find a way to connect as a community. Thanks to a suggestion from our Quality Assurance Lead and social media aficionado, Melissa Fabina, we’re going to kick off a new series on Twitter: #HudlChat.

Here’s the scoop.

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This is the second part of a four-part series from Mikel Riggs detailing how he built a professional video operations department at Foley High School in Alabama. See Part One: Getting Everyone on Board, Part Three: Training the Students, or Part Four: Our Workflow.

After everyone was on board, we started research on our equipment. We made two things a priority when we were choosing.

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Growing up a coach’s son, I saw firsthand how much time my dad devoted to his job and preparing for his team. My father’s time was valuable and as a family we knew that; any time we could spend with him, we took advantage of.

As I started at my first year as secondary coach at Foley High School (Ala.) last fall I realized I couldn’t give the attention to the video operations department it deserved and still fulfill my coaching responsibilities. I used my previous experience from the video operations department at Auburn University (Ala.) to design a video operations department for our team. This added efficiency to our football program and minimized wasted time at the office. The student workers do all the filming and uploading to Hudl. That way, our coaches can spend more time coaching, preparing, and with their families.

Here’s the first step I took to make it happen.

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If you’ve ever called into Hudl support, we’ve probably told you to switch Google Chrome. We live and die by it.

Each of our employees zips through countless web pages each day, all the way from Ancestry to Zappos, taking a hard corner at Slickdeals, doubling back to Amazon, side-stepping over to Homage, and then hightailing it back to Zendesk. Some of us even appear to have the entire internet open in Chrome all at once (I’m gawking at you, @MelissaFabina)

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Your video is a powerful tool. You cut, dissect, and analyze it to help your team get better during the season. It can also be a very powerful tool to tell the story of your team at your end-of-year banquet.

Footage of your athletes celebrating or getting pumped up before a game may not add much to your tendency reports, but is worth keeping around for awesome highlight videos. Here’s how you can use Hudl to store those snippets of goodness to pull out at the end of the season.

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Did you know athletes can lose lean body mass at rate of 5% per month when not actively strength training? This means that your middle linebacker who started the season at 225 lbs. could be down to 210 lbs. by week seven and feeling weak as playoffs approach.

As high school football coaches, we spend countless hours developing, modifying, and implementing our offseason football strength programs to ensure that our athletes are at their peak physical condition. Unfortunately, the beginning of the school year and football season can mark the end of a consistent strength program.

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Since Top Play was released, we have seen more than 3500 awesome top plays. You’ve done everything you can to make a great Top Play to feature your most awesome plays, so we wanted to help make it even better for you.

Here’s what’s new.

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September was almost as busy as August for our Support team. We slowed down a little bit, but the calls, emails, and chats have been coming in at a record pace yet again. We’re beginning to wonder what we’ll do come winter when we don’t get to hear your voices on the weekends.

Here’s what September looked like for us.

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