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Archives — August 2012

We know you love watching video on your iPad. Now your telestrations, spot shadows, and text notes won’t just live on your Hudl.com account.

View your coaching notes on the Hudl iPad app as soon as you make them on Hudl.com. To get started, update the Hudl app when you’re prompted and you’re set to have a really great video session from your iPad.

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The 2012 football season gets underway this month and 10 Hudl teams from the United States and Canada are set for unique season openers: they will travel overseas for the Global Ireland Football Tournament (G.I.F.T) on Friday, Aug. 31. The events will get kicked off on Friday and will include a six-game showcase featuring 12 teams. The Emerald Isle Classic will be held the next day and will feature Hudl Team Navy matching up against Notre Dame.

The games will take place at three venues across Dublin and Navan normally utilized for Gaelic football, hurling and rugby.

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Your athletes work hard out on the field and we think they deserve to be recognized in a really sweet way. Hudl Top Play lets you highlight the single most awesome play from a game as soon as your video is uploaded to Hudl.com. It’s like giving out the game ball or a helmet sticker, but with the video to prove just how incredible the play was.

Choose a top play for each game, and you’ll have a full reel of your best plays at the end of the season to show off at your end-of-year banquet. Just click the star next to a clip the same way you would to make a highlight. Now you’ll also have the option to create a Top Play. Hudl will walk you through creating a professional-quality highlight complete with slow motion, spot shadows, and music.

Get Started.

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It’s been a crazy few months around here. We’ve pushed out a bunch of exciting updates just in time for the beginning of football season. We’re excited to see coaches push Hudl this season and get the most out of all these new features and enhancements.

If you missed what’s new or just need a refresher, here’s a list of everything that’s new since last season:

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Last weekend kicked off our in-season support hours. We spoke with a lot of coaches who had some great questions.

Lucky for coaches who don’t start until this weekend, last week’s trailblazers were able to help us recognize a few questions we should answer for coaches.

Make your life a little easier this weekend and test these things out before your game.

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New camera technology is making it harder to live tag a game on Hudl. Finding the right hardware is tough, and even if you do, you’re locked behind your computer the entire game hoping no one trips on the cords. This season, stop being a prisoner of your own hardware: Use the Hudl iPhone app to tag a game with your basic breakdown data live during a game.

With the Tag a Game feature on the Hudl iPhone app, you can tag a game from anywhere on your iPhone or iPod touch. As you are tagging the game, the data will automatically upload to your Hudl account if you have a data connection. By the end of the 4th quarter, your data will be in your account ready for you to tweak and merge with your video.

Here’s how to get started with the Tag a Game feature.

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Our Practice Scripts beta has been out for a couple weeks now, and just like we asked, coaches have been using the heck out of them to help us make them awesome for the 2013 season.

Currently (as of 8/14), the beta program is temporarily closed while we work out a few kinks and add a few more enhancements. You should still fill out our form, and we’ll activate Practice Scripts for your whole staff as soon as we re-open the beta.

We’ve been getting a few questions about using Practice Scripts and what we have coming down the pipe. We’ve got all that information covered in the post.

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Coaches frequently ask us for advice on which camera they should use with Hudl. There are a lot of great options out there. Whether you’re looking for something affordable to get the job done, or want to invest in something that will give you awesome quality, we have a few recommendations that fit into different price ranges.

If you’re using a camera you love that we don’t have listed here, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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Having the right computer can make or break your Hudl experience. Making sure your computer is up to par is the best way to make things run smooth after your games on Friday. As always, give Hudl support a call (402.817.0060) or email (support@hudl.com) if something doesn’t seem right while you’re uploading your video.

You’ll be able to watch video on any computer with an internet connection. The specs really matter when it comes to your video upload.

Whether you’re in the market for a new computer or just need to make sure yours is good to go, we’ve got you covered.

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Put away your markers, colored pencils, Sharpies, and paper. We mean it.

With Hudl’s newest feature, you’ll no longer have to spend hours creating practice scripts and drawing play cards each week. Your video, practice scripts, and play cards will all be in one place: your Hudl account.

We’re rolling Hudl Practice Scripts out as a beta feature that will be free for 2012. Currently (as of 8/14), the beta program has been temporarily closed while we work out a few more of the kinks and add a few more enhancements, but you should still fill out our form and we’ll activate Practice Scripts for your whole staff as soon as we re-open the beta. In 2013, you’ll be able to add practice scripts as an a la carte feature to any package for $95/year.

Here’s what you need to know about Hudl Practice Scripts.

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The football season is upon us and our support crew is ready to help you have your best season yet! We’re offering extended hours, including weekends, starting August 18 for our Silver and Gold partners. As always, Platinum will have 24/7 support.

Here are the extended season support hours for our Silver and Gold partners.

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You love your camera guy, but let’s face it, occasionally he pays closer attention to the cheerleaders than the game and forgets to stop the camera between plays. If you didn’t have time to check before you uploaded to Hudl.com, you were stuck with that extra-long clip until you downloaded your video back to the Hudl Video Editor, split the clip, then re-published the video. A lot of hassle for one clip, huh?

Now all your basic editing tools are built into your Hudl.com library page. Quickly split or combine clips and intercut angles online.

Here are some sweet ways we see you using these new features.

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July was a busy month for the Hudl Support Team. Even though football season is still a few weeks away, we’re taking more and more calls every week.

Here are some stats from the month of July.

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