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Archives — July 2012

With all the new Hudl features, updates, and changes coming out before the fall season, one may begin to wonder if those Hudlies ever have time to go out and have any fun. Rest assured, we always make time for fun and some friendly competition.

Here’s what Hudlies have been up to this summer.

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Only a few days ‘till a batch of Hudlies makes their way down to the 2012 Texas High School Coaches Association Clinic in San Antonio.

If you haven’t gotten signed up for one of our sport-specific training sessions, it’s not too late. We have a spot just for you.

Here’s what they have to offer. Check them out and get signed up.

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There are millions of apps out there just waiting to be downloaded to your device. Apps are great. Apps solve some of life’s most perplexing problems:

Here are some apps we’re loving right now, that we think you’ll love to.

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In part one, two and three of structuring your offseason football workouts we focused on building stability and strength and increasing lean body mass. After the first three phases, your body is prepared to handle what will be the highest intensity of lifting in the program.

The purpose is to develop as much muscular strength as possible to increase overall peak performance. Football is a game of strength and beating the man in front of you. This phase of training will give you the edge to “out muscle” your opponent.

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Just in time for the season—use your Mac from start to finish with Hudl. Throw away that dusty old PC, uninstall Bootcamp, open up your Mac, and start uploading your video to Hudl.com.

The vision behind Mercury for Mac was simplicity. You just need to load your video and walk away. Mercury for Mac will do its thing in the background. We really think you’re going to love it.

Here are some ways to get your video into Mercury for Mac.

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THSCAs are right around the corner. We’re busy making sure our swag is fully stocked to hand out while we’re there. A group of Hudlies will be heading down to Texas again this year to meet with coaches and show them Hudl in action.

We’ll be holding sport-specific hour-long training sessions for you and your staff to learn how to use Hudl for your team. All sessions are free and coaches are welcome to sign up for multiple sessions.

Here are some topics we’ll cover.

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It’s summer—the perfect time to get caught up on some reading. Our Book of the Month for July is Competing with Character: Let’s Put Sportsmanship and Fun Back in Youth Sports. Tyler, one of the newest members of the support team, selected this book because of Coach Kevin Kush’s ability to always lead a competitive team. As head coach for Boys Town in Omaha, Neb., Coach Kush only has the players for two years, but coaches in a way that gives each of them a sense of ownership and love for the sport.

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It has been more than a year since initiating Hudl Helps, where each employee can donate $250 to a charity that is important to them.

This year Ian decided he wanted to give his donation to a foundation that is extremely important to one of his fellow Hudl employees, Haylie. He donated to CureSearch for Children’s Cancer, a non-profit foundation that funds and supports research for children’s cancer.

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This program started by laying a solid foundation of stability with Phase 1 of this offseason football workout. After phase 2 you will have successfully built up core stability and overall strength. Now we are ready to build lean body mass, decrease body fat and increase overall muscular size.

In Phase 3, Hypertrophy Training, the purpose is plain and simple: develop as much muscle size as possible. In sports like football, an increase in mass along with a decrease in body fat can aid in speed, power and strength development, which can play a huge factor in your overall performance.

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In order for us to constantly improve as a team, we work to constantly improve our equipment. Adding a practice camera into the mix has been great. We get a better angle than a handheld camera or tripod mounted unit gives us, and adding the angle into film reviews is another way to reinforce what we’re teaching our athletes.

Coaches are constantly evolving the build for the PracticeCam—trying to make it more efficient and keep it affordable. Take a look at what we use and recommend, and let me know if you have ways we can improve. If you build your own, be sure to send pictures and let me know how you made it work.

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Part two of the structuring your offseason program series focuses on strength/endurance training. This phase of your football offseason workout utilizes a combination of exercises that will help increase stability endurance, muscular strength, and lean body mass.

In the strength and endurance portion of the program we will continue to focus on increasing muscular strength, core stabilization, and flexibility. Supersets consisting of compound exercises will be used for each body part. Each superset will be made up of one strength lift immediately followed by a stabilization exercise.

In order to accomplish your offseason football workout goals you will need to increase the intensity (% of max) and lower repetitions accordingly. Because of the superset format the number of sets performed will go up so be prepared to add some time to the workout.

Check out the plan for phase two.

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Check out our updated support hours for the Fall 2012 football season.

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