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Archives — April 2012

A few weeks ago, we welcomed four new members to our support team. They’ve gone through rigorous training on all things Hudl and are prepared to start helping our coaches win.

Check out some background information on the new Hudlies.

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Check out the articles that a few Hudlies are reading this week:

  • How to avoid common tech taxes
  • Hackers elect cartoon character to D.C. school board
  • An employee handbook that doesn’t suck
  • A breakdown of the best online storage apps
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It’s hard to believe we’re already finishing up week four and heading into week five of the Hudl Up Tour. We continue our trek across the south next week as Miranda leads some Hudlies to four different stops.

Here’s where you can find us.

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Picking the right exercises for your offseason football program can often be a difficult task. While time, facilities, and equipment will often dictate what you can and cannot do, there are a few lifts that every program can take advantage of.

Add these five exercises to your offseason football program to add strength, explosive power, and competition into your sessions.

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Stretching during practice has been a topic of debate in athletics for a number of years. Coaches and trainers have made arguments for static and dynamic stretching, as well as the use of resistance bands. So, which one is right?

The answer is that they are all correct, it just depends on what you are trying to accomplish. A few years back, our team decided to change warming up from an activity that lacked purpose and direction into a speed-development exercise.

The results were great. We saw a dramatic decrease in pulls and strains that season and our athletes saw a purpose for this part of practice. We only had one player pull a muscle during practice or games the entire season.

Here is a breakdown of each of the three parts of our pre-practice warm-up.

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This week:

  • Noel Mazzone featured on Smart Football
  • Reasons CEOs (and everyone else) should tweet.
  • Alabama’s shattered National Championship Trophy
  • Fenway celebrates 100.
  • Best hotels for wireless internet
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Ian (or Sweet Ginge, as we call him in the office) led some Hudlies up the West Coast and over to Boise last week for the second week of the Hudl Up Tour. It was another week of learning awesome things from coaches and getting the chance to answer some specific questions about Hudl.

See pictures, follow the tour, or sign up for an upcoming stop at www.hudluptour.com.

Here are some great quotes from our panelists last week:

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We’re taking on our first tour week in the Midwest next week. It’s not too late to sign up for any of next week’s stops.

On top of the free Hudl swag you’ll receive, you’ll also get to hear how some of the top football coaches in your area use Hudl to help them win and get your questions answered by the Hudl team.

Here’s where you can find us next week.

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Happy Friday! In today’s weekly Hudl:

  • Augmented reality with Project Glass.
  • The future of books is explored.
  • Tricks to keep energy up at practice.
  • Reason’s behind Instragram’s $1 Billion price tag.
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High school football coaches across the country know that the last day of the school year signifies the beginning of the summer football camp season. From the months of June to August, head coaches must figure out how to install their entire offense, defense, and special teams.

Often times, the last aspect to receive attention is the teams’ strength and conditioning program. When hours and minutes are at a premium, it can be difficult to dedicate major percentages of practice time to the weight room. Here are some simple planning tips to maximize your time in the weight room during offseason football workouts.

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Mental toughness can be one of the most difficult skills to hone as an athlete and to teach as a coach. It’s easy for players to let things like opponents, fans, or errors get in their head and hinder their performance for the rest of the game. As a coach, it’s essential to help your athletes move on from mistakes in order to win games. Graham Betchart, a performance coach who specializes in mental skills training, outlines a few elements that make up the mindset of a champion.

These are great to give to your athletes before the season starts or to even have posted on the wall in the locker room.

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Last week’s Hudl Up Tour had us traveling west. Brandon led a group of Hudlies from Salt Lake City to Phoenix and from Phoenix to Los Angeles. We’ve been having a lot of fun along the way–meeting coaches and talking football and Hudl. Remember to fill out your post tour stop survey so we can keep improving these for future stops and next year’s tour.

See pictures, read blog posts, and see the full tour schedule at www.hudluptour.com.

Here are some highlights from last week.

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In this week’s Weekly Hudl:

  • Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura speak for the first time in 19 years.
  • Fenway patrons question promotional tactics.
  • Lifehacker gives important fridge-stocking tips.
  • Flying Cars to hit the market in 2013.
  • Ridiculously photogenic guy’s face goes viral.
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Week two of the Hudl Up Tour is quickly approaching. If you haven’t reserved your spot yet, it’s not to late. Here’s where we’re headed next week:

  • April 9 // San Francisco // Diablo Valley College
  • April 10 // Portland // Lewis and Clark College
  • April 11 // Seattle // Bothell HS
  • April 12 // Boise // Capital HS

Here’s what you can expect from a tour stop:

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This month, we’re rolling out our book of the month series. Each month, we’ll highlight a member of the Hudl crew and give you an inside look at a book that has motivated them to be a better coach, athlete, or person.

We want to share the literary love – ‘Like’ our post about the book on our Facebook page and be entered to win a free copy of the book.

Kicking things off this month is Kyle Bradburn, internal sales representative. His favorite book is Called to Coach by Bobby Bowden.

Here are his thoughts:

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One of the most amazing things about working at Hudl is watching the developers take an idea from a concept to reality, in what feels like no time at all. Recently, we’ve talked about how many tools out there don’t fully support football programs who don’t play 11-Man. Fewer men, shorter field, longer field, no 4th down…the list goes on. These teams need a tool to analyze video just as much.

Throw a little brain power and a splash of dedication at the problem and we’ve got ourselves a solution. Now, our breakdown settings and reports fully support both 8-man and Canadian football. Curious how these teams use Hudl? Let Coach Dobbins, from Howells High School in Nebraska, show you:

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Thanks to all the coaches who made it out to Columbine High School for the first Hudl Meet Up last Thursday. It was an awesome event with great coaches in attendance.

Check out www.hudluptour.com to see pictures from the the night.

For those who weren’t able to make it, here’s a recap of the night’s events.

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The Hudl Up Tour is officially underway. After a great first stop in Denver, we’re heading further west this week. Brandon, along with a pack of Hudlies, will be hitting the open road on Tuesday for our first batch of tour stops.

Here’s where we’re heading this week.

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