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Archives — February 2012

Are you a Hudl coach with a Kindle Fire? That sounds like the perfect combination for viewing your team’s video.

The Hudl app for Kindle Fire is live in the Amazon App Store, and we’re excited to offer coaches another way to watch their video. If you’re familiar with the Hudl Android App, the functions and workflow are the same. If you haven’t used our Android App before, the app is really straight forward, and we think you’ll have a lot of fun with it. It’s free, so go ahead and download it. Here’s how:

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Keeping our athletes engaged in the weight room and making it fun for them is a challenge we face every year. Music has always been one of the ways to do this, but putting together a playlist of high-energy music with clean lyrics can be time consuming. We can task our athletes with putting something together, but their music isn’t always school appropriate.

This year, we’ve starting using Pandora Radio for music, and it’s become an awesome hands-off way to bring music into the weight room. The best thing is that it’s free, which fits into my coaching budget nicely.

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This week, it’s apparent Hudlies have been diving into some life-enhancing literature such as the upcoming release of a Doritos taco at Taco Bell and how to fake a nap. You’ll also be learning about time travel, new things Facebook has up their sleeve, and we’ll close with some motivation to get up off the couch this weekend.

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For my Hudl Helps donation, I chose to donate to The Wikimedia Foundation – the non-profit company behind Wikipedia.

In my life there have been a number of things I’ve benefited from “for free.” In the back of mind I’ve wanted to give back to some of those services and institutions. An organization that develops and curates a free, globalized online encyclopedia deserves a little kickback. That’s why I decided to donate.

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There’s nothing worse than billing and paperwork standing in the way of using Hudl to help your team win.

Here’s a list of common things you might run into, and how to get them taken care of so you can get back to your video:

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In today’s Weekly Hudl secrets behind conference realignment deals are revealed, track stars take on the 40-yard dash, the creators of the world’s most popular photo app for iOS explain their priorities, VP of User Experience Kyle Murphy is in the spotlight, and our own Brandon Gries pays homage to his childhood hero.

See who was reading what this week:

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If you’ve called or emailed us before, chances are you’ve gotten one of our surveys. You might fill it out, you might not. Either way, we take the survey results seriously.

Hudl was created to help coaches win, and in support it’s no different. We look through every single survey, good and bad, and follow up with everyone who has a suggestion or doesn’t get their issue resolved.

If you haven’t seen one before, we ask you to rank us (awesome, average, or awful) on our knowledge, courtesy, and response time. Here are some support stats from 2011:

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We’re two weeks in to our Hudl Bootcamps at select Glazier Clinics and we’ve had great attendance thus far. We’ve decided to break up the sessions in each city to Advanced and Beginner to make sure you are getting the most out of each training.

If you aren’t a current partner or are just starting your free trial, join us at one of our beginner training sessions. If you’re a seasoned Hudl veteran and looking to dive a bit further into Hudl, join us at one of our advanced training sessions.

Check out our upcoming schedule below and get registered.

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We’re excited to bring you the first edition of The Weekly Hudl. Each Friday, we’ll post a compilation of our favorites from the week—ranging from articles to apps. We want to know what your favorites are too, so be sure to post them below.

Here are five of our favorite articles from this week:

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When we started using Hudl three years ago, we were focused on both learning the basics and also diving in deeper to use the software to its full potential.

What we found was that not only does it meet our needs as a video analysis tool but also the solution to another common problem that we, as well as other coaches, were facing:

How can I use Hudl to grade my players practice or game performance?

This problem is easily solved using Hudl’s custom columns and views options. Here is a quick step-by-step introduction on how we used it as a staff to grade our players last year.

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I recently did an informal experiment with my athletes. I had them wear a Nike+ Sportswatch GPS during games to see how far they were running. What I found was that they were running upwards of six miles per game. If you consider we play 2-3 games per week from December to late March, our athletes are racking up marathon-type weekly distance. This doesn’t include practice and off-season workouts.

Excessive volume during the season will begin to cause issues if proper steps aren’t taken. Here are some ways to avoid burnout and injury:

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Improved vertical is something that athletes strive for in their careers. The ability to jump higher than your opponent takes discipline and practice. Just like any other aspect of a sport, it won’t come without putting in the time and effort.

There are three things that are key to improving your vertical: form, strength, and flexibility.

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