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Archives — June 2010

We love it when coaches dive right in to Hudl. That’s what we hope everyone does during their 30-day trial.

But even when coaches are super motivated, we hear this question too often:

OK, so what do I do next?”

Starting today, we think Achievements will be the answer.

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Mike Johnson is the d-line coach and video coordinator at Lakeville North High School in Lakeville, MN. He’s been sharing these step-by-step instructions to coaches around the country who have some DIY skills and are looking for an affordable, top-notch end zone camera system. The plans are free - all he asks for in return is pictures of your final product and tips on how to make the plans even better. We love it!

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Between my work at the University of Nebraska as a student assistant and as an assistant coach for a local high school in Lincoln - I’ve spent many hours pouring over film. I have my own style of analyzing video, but I was interested to find out what you look at during your film sessions.

I took a poll of our Hudl coaches to find the top ten things to focus on when studying film.

Survey says:

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