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Support's Summer Siesta Is Over

July is over and it’s time for Support to kick into high gear! With school out across the country, this was our last “slow” month for the year. We’ve enjoyed these relaxing days, but know that supportnado is in the forecast. Let’s take a look back at how July stacked up to months past, and get a feel for what the next few months have in store.

  • We answered 6,803 calls last month. That’s a hefty 53% increase over June’s total, but not far off what we did last July. We also nailed our goal for hold times this month, answering 98.7% of calls in under three minutes. With an expected 18,000 calls in August, we’ll have to put in some serious effort to maintain that wait.

  • Emails came in at 6,857. Stick with me for a little number crunch: Year-over-year comparisons show a continued increase in emails since we began tracking in August 2012. This month, emails increased at the lowest rate since October 2012 (think back to Econ 101 and the rule of increasing at a decreasing rate). Email is usually our most popular form of support, but calls gave it a run for its money in July.

    But the next few months should play in email’s favor – last August threw 14,000 our way, but our inboxes become fuller and fuller every year, so don’t be surprised if we crush more than 20,000 next month.

  • Next up: Chats. July brought in 2,435, an increase of just over 500 from June. Because these are still a fairly new feature for us, we don’t have good numbers from 2013 to get a good feel for this football season. In case they take over emails, we’ll be sure to brush up on our grammar skills.

  • Overall, you guys reached out to us 16,216 times in July. That’s the busiest we’ve been since January, but the next few weeks are likely to surpass the number of interactions from May, June, and July combined.

We’re actually pretty excited about the chaos. Everyone in the office pitches in and answers phone calls for an afternoon to make sure August comes and goes without a hitch. This means there’s a pretty decent chance you’ll get to work with a designer, a VP, or even one of our founders.

And if you haven’t heard about it already, be sure to check your email and let your basketball coaches know about the ideal setup promo we’re running through September 5, and hit us up if you have questions about getting the best gear for your team.

New hires are settled in, navigating the new phone system is second nature, and our vets are well-rested. Bring on the football. We’re excited to get back in touch and hear all about the upcoming season.

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