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Find the Right Tablet for Hudl

Alt textIn the past, we’ve done plenty of blogs about recommended cameras and computers. But as the tablet market evolves and our Mobile squad continues to crank out new features, tablets are quickly becoming the one-stop shop for all things Hudl. Not every feature is available on all operating systems, but we do our best to service the devices used by a majority of coaches and athletes.

Currently, most iOS and Android tablets allow users to:

  • Watch silky smooth video from your Hudl library

  • Record practice and games, and upload that footage directly to Hudl via Wi-Fi – no computer required

  • Quickly access relevant features from a smart new home screen

  • View text notes and telestrations

  • Send and receive exchanges

  • Mark and trim highlights (athletes only

  • Project from your tablet to a bigger screen using either Apple TV or Chromecast

So when it comes to the basics of taking film on the go – complete with notes and telestrations – and capturing key moments, the following recommendations won’t do you wrong.


  • Apple iPad Mini The iPad offers a more comprehensive list of Hudl features than any other tablet. In addition to the features listed above, the iPad gives coaches access to Tag a Game, our mobile playbook, text note and telestration creation, and a virtual laser pointer.

    And for basketball coaches interested in our new workflow, it’s worth pointing out we designed the tools specifically for iPad.

    Apple offers several different models at various price points, but even the least expensive versions work great with Hudl. If you’re considering an older iPad, just avoid the first generation. Its older software and lack of a camera won’t allow you to use some of our newer features.


Android tablets come from a variety of manufacturers offering all different sizes at a range of prices. When it comes to working on Hudl, some are definitely better than others.

  • Nexus 7 from Google It’s an awesome size with the 7-inch 1080p screen, and gives a good blend of performance and price – Amazon has the 32GB version listed at $255, but don’t be afraid to shop around!

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S The entire Samsung Galaxy Tab series is the top selling line of Android tablets in the U.S., coming in a wide variety of specifications and prices. We do most of our in-house testing with the Galaxy Tab S. It works great, but keep in mind it is the newest (most powerful) model.

Generally speaking, when picking an Android tablet, it’s best to stick with a major brand like Samsung, Google, LG or Sony. The more obscure brands are often built with cheaper components that won’t deliver the optimal Hudl experience.


  • Surface Pro 3 It runs for more than other models we’ve listed, but as a tablet that’s just as functional as your average laptop, the Surface Pro 3 is well worth the investment. In addition to viewing film through the Hudl app for Windows 8, coaches can also download Mercury and upload video to Hudl.com from the same device.

  • Yoga 2 Pro Convertible Ultrabook Tablet A laptop in disguise! The keyboard comes totally attached, but the screen can fold back on itself for a full tablet experience. It runs all Windows programs (plus Mercury) and offers a “super high resolution” screen – perfect for watching game film.

It all comes down to what kind of experience coaches want out of the tablet. If you’re looking to upload and record right from your device, definitely stick with iOS or Android. For viewing film on the go, any Windows device will get the job done. If you have a different tablet that does wonders, let us know in the comments below. And if any of the apps give you trouble, our support team is only an email away.

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