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Hudl Up Tour Is Set to Tip Off

Alt textIt’s only August, but our lives have been full of basketball the past several weeks. In case you missed it, we just released an entirely new workflow that has our hardwood coaches across the country pumped up.

To keep the excitement rolling, we’re going coast to coast on a basketball-focused Hudl Up Tour, hitting 22 cities in just eight weeks.

Why are we doing this? We’ve had so much success with our football Hudl Up tour in the spring, now it’s time to give our hoops coaches the same treatment. We also want to show off the new tools you’ll be working with this upcoming season – the ones that allow you to record and upload as the game is happening, and tag stats in real time.

We dabbled with a six-stop basketball tour last fall when our new product was in beta. This year, we’re going all out. We’ll only travel two blocks for the first stop in our hometown of Lincoln, then rack up more than 18,000 miles of travel over the next seven weeks. Our stops in Lexington and Nashville will take place the night before the KABC and BCAT fall clinics. We’re also working on a convenient location for the Cortland stop in conjunction with the BCANY fall clinic.

We annually draw more than 1,000 coaches to our spring football tours, and we think basketball can be just as successful, if not better. We’ll have the whole new setup at each stop so you can try it out yourself. If you’ve taken advantage of the current promotion, the tour is a great chance to learn everything you need to know, and get some some hands-on practice. You’ll also get to pick up some Hudl swag while you’re at it, which doesn’t hurt.

Each stop will follow the format below. To register, visit hudluptour.com. Hope we see you there!

Main Event | 7-9 p.m.

We’ll give you the full breakdown of our new basketball workflow with a first-hand look at uploading video as it’s captured, plus tips on completing team and player stats within 30 minutes of the final buzzer. After that, it’s all about highlights, recruiting, and campaigns.

Optional Event | 9-10 p.m.

Feel free to stick around after the main event and get all of your questions answered. It’s the perfect time to take Mobile Capture and Tag a Game for a spin – if you get stuck, you’re in a room full of Hudlies!

2014 Hudl Up Tour | Basketball

Sept. 3Lincoln
Sept. 8Kansas City
Sept. 9St. Louis
Sept. 10Minneapolis
Sept. 16Columbus
Sept. 17Indianapolis
Sept. 18Lexington
Sept. 23Houston
Sept. 24Birmingham
Sept. 25Nashville
Oct. 1Philadelphia
Oct. 2New York City/New Jersey
Oct. 3Cortland
Oct. 7San Jose
Oct. 8Seattle
Oct. 9Portland
Oct. 14Detroit
Oct. 15Chicago
Oct. 16Milwaukee
Oct. 21Charlotte
Oct. 22Washington DC
Oct. 23Boston

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