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Taking Support Stats to the Pitch

Well, the year is already halfway over and it’s been a whirlwind six months. We’ve more than doubled our staff, dominated our new goals, and supported more coaches than ever, so it’s pretty exciting to take a look back and recap how things have gone for Support. But, being a sports company, we can’t ignore the office being engulfed in FIFA madness. So, in honor of the 2014 World Cup, take in the first ever Support/FIFA stat mashup!

The first six months brought in 34,689 calls. That’s a lot of ringing – a 7% increase from this point last year. If the refs in the World Cup were taking calls instead of making them, each would have taken 385 calls from January through June. Here’s what’s mind-blowing – we’ll likely take more phone calls in August alone than what came through the first half of the year.

Hold times were shorter than the average time a player faked an injury (not a real fact). Here’s how that looks in digits:

  • Within 30 seconds: 65%
  • Within 1 minute: 78%
  • Within 3 minutes: 93%

If you feel like re-watching a World Cup match, imagine 28 emails coming our way for every shot-on-goal. Responding before you would get to halftime, we’ve plowed through 40,898 emails so far this year. This is a 38% increase over the first six months of 2013! We won’t say this statistic is as awesome as Tim Howard’s 16 saves against Belgium, but it is pretty exciting. With the added manpower on emails and football season approaching, we anticipate this number to continue to increase over the next months.

Mirroring the upward trend of emails are chats! So far we’ve hammered out 6,651 conversations. This means that we could’ve chatted with each World Cup athlete nine times. And man, would we love that opportunity. At this time last year, we would have had six conversations with each footballer.

Overall, the support team had 82,238 interactions since January. Great Scott! If each coach we worked with got tickets to the first and last US matches, we’d fill both arenas with only 343 seats to spare. Well, make that 342 seats – we’d have to save one for Teddy Goalsevelt. Totaling 62,243, the first six months of 2013 would barely fill Arena de Sao Paulo.

With August just around the corner, we’re enjoying the last few weeks of quiet before the crazy train comes to town. This “other football” season has energized the entire office over the last few weeks, but football season fills support with tons of energy for months as we itch to help you find a winning season. Until then, get your accounts ready and let us know if you run into any snags along the way!

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