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One Last Look at the 2014 Opening

Alt textThe 2014 Opening wrapped up a week ago and we’re still reeling from the amazing talent that dominated the fields at Nike World Headquarters. Each of the five days brought some special stuff to the table, but Wednesday and Thursday were packed with actual football games. Well, as actual as 7-on-7 gets. In the middle of July, we’ll take what we can get.

Everyone (with the exception of offensive and defensive linemen) was broken into six teams: Alpha Pro, Apocalypse, Vapor Carbon, Mach Speed, Land Sharks and Fly Rush. Coaches from Nike, Student Sports and the Elite 11 staff were split up to help.

Wednesday was all about pool play, giving each team a chance to play the other five. From there, seeds were determined for the tournament that kicked off with one game Wednesday night. Double-elimination continued into Thursday evening. The bracket’s biggest storyline was all about the Land Sharks. After rough pool play and a loss in their first tournament game, USC commit Ricky Town led the Sharks to face Alabama commit Blake Barnett’s Apocalypse in the Finals.

In the end, Apocalypse won, Barnett was named Elite 11 MVP, and receiver Calvin Ridley (also committed to Alabama) won MVP of The Opening.

So what was Hudl doing this whole time? We filmed two angles of each game – one from the end zone, another along the sideline – and had the first half uploaded by the time the second half kicked off. Between games, two awesome Hudlies broke down each game with passer, ODK, down, distance, hash, yard line, play type, result, and gain/loss.

As soon as the athletes finished a given game, they could walk right into the player lounge, watch every second of what just went down on the field, and add any highlights to their Hudl profiles.

And when it came time to pick the Elite 11 MVP, reports from all of the breakdown data were generated and handed off to the staff for review.

For a more visual recap of everything – Sunday thru Thursday – check out the video.

Nutshell: Over the course of five days, we captured about 30 hours’ worth of events and are already looking forward to helping Nike, Student Sports and the Elite 11 dominate 2015.

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