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The Gear to Dominate Basketball

Alt textOur time at the 2014 THSCA Convention was awesome (not to say every other year wasn’t).

Coaches are always excited to become bigger experts in their areas of expertise, grab some free swag, and get a glimpse at our latest features.

While updates to the Friday night workflow are a regular hit with the football crowd, basketball coaches got the biggest surprise – a deeper look at our new tools designed with their games in mind.

We gave some details on the workflow when it was released just last month, but with the season only three months away, they’re all worth a second look: You can upload the game as it’s recorded, tag stats in real time, and have it all matched and ready for review within minutes of the final buzzer.

The best part? You only need two iOS devices to do it all. iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches are all capable of recording the game and tagging stats. We definitely suggest capturing video with an iPad on its own tripod – just for the sake of stable, quality game film.

In fact, we’re so set on getting you the best game film, we’re offering the whole setup when you sign up.

If you’re one of the first 2,500 teams to sign up for Hudl between now and September 5 and pay by October 3, we’ll send you the following:

  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Mini Case
  • Tripod
  • Two lenses

If your basketball team is already on Hudl, don’t sweat. If your boys’ and girls’ basketball teams get started with their own invoices by September 5 and pay by October 3, we’ll send each program their own setup.

If you have any questions, shoot us an email. We’re excited to get basketball coaches the right tools to dominate this season!

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