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Free Play Tools for a Year

We’ve talked about Hudl Playbook and Practice Scripts before. They allow coaches to keep every play card online, stored with game and opponent scout video, ready to edit at a minute’s notice. And because Hudl remembers every formation and route ever drawn, staffs are saving serious time with saved templates. Some may even forget what a blank play card looks like.

The image of printed playbooks scattered across the locker room floor should also be a distant memory. Coaches can create installs before sharing with position groups and individual athletes, so they’re not wasting time studying plays they’ll never be a part of. And the Activity tab has details on how much studying is actually getting done.

We understand studying Xs, Os, and squiggly lines might not get the point across, so we added the ability to attach game footage to each card. Coaches can include up to three clips of the play being run, allowing athletes to see their assignments in action. The same goes for adding opponent scout video to practice scripts.

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So, Play Tools are great, but it’s old news to most people. Here’s some new news: When a football coach refers his school’s basketball program, he’ll get Playbook and Practice Scripts free for the 2014 season.

If the basketball coach has never given Hudl a shot, now is definitely the time to do it: We have a whole new workflow that will have the video and data broken down - with stats - by the time Coach walks off the court. More details on the updates are right here.

Once he or she opts into a subscription for the upcoming season and signs up with promo code letsroll, we’ll put a $199 credit on football’s next invoice to cover the annual cost of Hudl Play Tools. Easy as that! If you have any questions about Play Tools, the new basketball workflow, or using that promo code, let us know.

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