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Support Was Sporty in May

It’s been yet another good month here in Hudl Support. In case you don’t have time for May’s full rundown, we’ve compiled CliffsNotes to make sure you’re up to speed:

  • The number of new support hires reached 21 just this week. They’ll all start on different days this summer, but once everyone is on board, our staff will almost double in size!
  • Battling through injuries and scheduling conflicts outside of the office, our unofficial softball team has limped to a 5-2 record. On a three-game winning streak, they’re looking to bring their scorching hot bats and suspect defense into the playoffs.
  • Besides being your No. 1 resource for all things Hudl, we found out we’re really good at a few other things, too.
  • Four of us proved our athleticism at the Lincoln Half Marathon this month. All four finished and only one of us swore we would never do it again.

We anticipated a bit of a drop-off with school wrapping up in most states, but you guys must really love us; the number of interactions stayed pretty steady with 5,467 calls coming in, just a few shy of last month’s total. And we made sure not to keep you waiting before connecting to the next available Hudl BFF:

  • 86.5% were answered within 30 seconds
  • 91.9% were answered within a minute
  • 99.7% were answered within three minutes

If you feel like you missed out on the AOL Instant Messenger craze, be sure to try your hand with the chat feature available to all coaches. We’ve decided to throw more manpower at those keyboards, so someone should always be available to chat from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central. We’re really trying to come to you (via the computer) and a lot of coaches are already taking notice. Chats in May blew up with an 88% increase from last month, totaling 1,177 conversations.

Emails also got some love in May. With more hands on chats, why not throw more on emails too, right? The increase wasn’t quite as drastic as what chats saw, but our response time got knocked down to just 24 minutes. You can’t get much done in 24 minutes, but here are some options in case you’re feeling antsy.

Hopefully we got a chance to meet you on one of the Hudl Up Tour stops. Those of us who hit the road were stoked to help football programs get the most out of Hudl.

As always, hit us up if you need any other pre-football season, post-basketball season, or mid-baseball season tips!

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