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London and THSCA Make for a Busy Summer

The summer months have not slowed down our movement on the road. In fact, it’s about to get real busy as we gear up for nearly 30 clinics in July and August alone.

Our summer is traditionally highlighted by the annual Texas High School Coaches Association convention, which draws around 12-15,000 all-sport coaches. A huge number like that means we’ll send about 25 Hudlies to San Antonio to chat and make sure everyone gets their questions answered.

We apparently really like Texas, as that’s just one of four clinics we’ll attend in the Lone Star State in July.

A hot topic at THSCA, in addition to several other clinics, will be showing off our new look for basketball. The squad has been hard at work for more than a year revamping the basketball workflow and we can’t wait to demo it in person all over the country. You can catch a glimpse of what’s featured here.

We will also send a rep to London’s British American Football Coaches Association convention for the second straight year. You have to work your way up, and for some reason we decided to reward Jason West with the trip to England while some of our newbies stay closer to home for the Nebraska Coaches Association Multi-Sport Clinic in late July.

Whether we’re here in the states or across the pond, we hope you have a chance to catch us before school starts up again!

June 25-27
AHSCA Coaches Clinic - Conway, Ark.

June 26-28
Ohio University Global Coaching Seminar - Athens, Ohio

June 27-29
Air Raid Coaching Clinic - San Antonio, Texas

July 4-6
BAFCA (British American Football Coaches Association) - London, England

July 7-11
VHSCA - Lynchburg, Va.

July 8-10
Texas Girls Coaches Association - Arlington, Texas

July 15-19
2014 FIL World Championships - Denver, Colo.

July 14-15
Mississippi Association of Independent Schools - Pearl, Miss.

July 15-16
LHSAA Coaching Clinic - Baton Rouge, La.

July 15-16
South Dakota High School Activities Association Coaches Clinic - Aberdeen, S.D.

July 16-18
MAC Multi-Sports Clinic - Jackson, Miss.

July 16-18
Texas 6-Man Coaches Association Clinic - Wichita Falls, Texas

July 18-29
US All-Star Federation Regional Meeting - Baltimore, Md.

July 18-19
Hockey Coaches Conference - Vancouver, B.C.

July 21-23
THSCA, San Antonio - Texas

July 21-24
NCCA Coaching Clinic - Greensboro, N.C.

July 22-25
AHSAA Summer Conference - Montgomery, Ala.

July 22-24
NCA Multi-Sport Clinic - Lincoln, Neb.

July 26
Indian Nations Football Conference - Tulsa, Okla.

July 26
PYFL Coaches Clinic - Newbury Park, Calif.

July 26
Officiate New Mexico Day - Albuquerque, N.M.

July 27-29
NASO Sports Officiating Summit - Albuquerque, N.M.

July 28-30
South Carolina Athletic Coaches Association All-Sports Clinic - Greenville, S.C.

July 28-30
Oklahoma Coaches Association - Tulsa, Okla.

July 28-31
New Mexico High School Coaches Association - Albuquerque, N.M.

July 30-Aug. 1
Montana Coaches Association Multi-Sports Clinic - Great Falls, Mont.

August 2
Positive Coaching Alliance - Phoenix, Ariz.

Aug. 6-8
Kansas State High School Activities Association - Topeka, Kan.

Aug. 22-24
PGC/Glazier Basketball Clinic, - Northern Virginia/D.C.

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