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A Macro Look at Micro Socks

Alt textMike Korsakas doesn’t go by Mike around these parts. He is Micro. It will all make sense in a bit. Until then, just know he’s a guy with passion.

He joined Hudl almost one year ago exactly and didn’t take long to #Dominate the support scene. He learned at an early age that, while nothing beats the satisfaction of a job well done, being satisfied shouldn’t stop you from continuing to work hard. (Thanks, Papa Korsakas.)

We like having him around, mostly because he loves handling the impossible remote sessions that nobody else can even begin to understand.

“I grew up and currently live here in Lincoln, Neb. When I was younger, you could find me playing just about every sport imaginable. When I got to high school, I narrowed it down to baseball and tennis and went on to play baseball at Doane College, where I double-majored in business administration and economics. Fun fact: Jason West and recent new hire Ethan Schroeder are also Doane baseball alums #RollTiges

“I started at Hudl Support in June 2013, assisting coaches through email, chats, remote sessions, and phone calls. Back in January, I made the move to Coach Support Chapter Lead and Technical Lead, making sure Coach Relations and our Product Team are communicating effectively, helping our Training staff to keep support sharp as a tack, and getting nasty with the trickiest remote sessions.”

As of June 6, Micro is officially part of the Product Team, becoming a full-time quality analyst June 23!

Why Micro Socks?
Turns out my last name is equal parts unique and hard to say. Just like many of my nicknames, it stemmed from someone’s mispronunciation. Eric Broulette (Brew) said “Mike Korsakas” just a little too fast during my first week at Hudl and it sounded like “Micro Socks”. I’ve been called Micro, Socks or Micro Socks ever since.

If six-year-old Micro was here right now, what would you say to him?
Ask for money, get advice. Ask for advice, get money twice. #dále

What person have you learned the most from?
Definitely my dad. He coached just about every youth team I was on and has been my life coach through it all. The most important thing that he’s taught me is to never be satisfied and always strive to improve.

What’s one habit you’re most proud of?
I actually have two habits I’m pretty proud of: Not turning a full 360° when playing a position in baseball/softball, and opening personal-sized bags of chips upside down. All the seasoning gets one last shot to latch onto the chips and make them extra delicious.

What’s your favorite building in Lincoln? It’s really tough not to say Pinnacle Bank Arena or Memorial Stadium, but I have to go with Hawks Field at Haymarket Park. It’s one of the best-groomed ballparks in the country and I’m fortunate enough to have played on it in college and worked there as an intern for the Lincoln Saltdogs.

Would you rather be a rock star or a movie star? Why?
If I could have Bradley Cooper’s flow and be able to swoon the masses with an acoustic guitar, that would be ideal. The reasoning behind that should be pretty self-explanatory.

Tell me the lamest possible joke.
Two radio antennae got married last week. The wedding was okay, but the reception was amazing.

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