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One Crazy Proud Cat Lady

Alt textKaylin Ramler has made her mark on Hudl in a variety of ways. For starters, Nebraska isn’t known for its vegetarians – especially the ones who haven’t eaten meat for nearly 12 years. Those are a rare find around Hudl. So it didn’t take long for us to realize just how much she loves animals. She has a soft spot for every last one of them, including dinosaurs, which she has sprawled all over her desk.

She took a knife to some figurines and turned them all into office supplies, like a pencil bucket and paperclip bin. They’re actually pretty brilliant.

“I originally hail from the snowy North (Minnesota, to be specific), born and raised in the St. Cloud area, which is where most of my very large family still resides – my dad was one of four kids, my mom one of ten. I grew up loving the snow, outdoors, and our big family holidays. Some of my best memories are of snowmobiling with my family, building forts in the woods with my younger brother, fishing at my grandparents’ house, and looking for Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer out of the living room window on Christmas Eve with my cousins. The red-lit radio tower a few miles behind the house tricked us every year.

“We moved around a few times while I was young, but luckily my brother and I never had to change schools. Our mom is a teacher in Avon, and we rode to school with her every morning. Our family eventually ended up with a new home in Avon when I was in 5th grade, and they still live there today.

“I attended high school at Albany Senior High School and went on to college at Saint Cloud State University. I was able to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in advertising and graphic design in three years, which is still one of my greatest accomplishments.

“I moved to Lincoln, Neb. just over two years ago with my boyfriend Mike, so he could attend graduate school at UNL. I joined the Hudl family less than a year later, starting out in support as a Coach Support Specialist, and was promoted in March of this year to an Account Manager position. I’m in charge of managing invoices for schools in California, Washington, Oregon and Nevada. I check in with coaches during their trials and subscriptions to see how things are going, process checks and payment orders, and coordinate with our sales team to keep all of our new and old accounts organized.”

If you had to take care of just one zoo animal, which would you choose?
I would choose to take care the Okapis. Okapis look like a mixture between a zebra and a giraffe, so they are pretty odd. But I think it would be awesome to hang out with something that weird and rare every day.

What crime would you make totally legal?
Stealing other people’s cats. And pets. And zoo animals.

Would you rather die fairly young after a really exciting life, or die old after a pretty laidback existence?
I would rather die fairly young after a really exciting life. I’ve been living the opposite so far, but plan on trying to be way more exciting from here on out. But I’m going to keep my Buick. I don’t care how boring or safe it is. It’s a great luxury sedan.

What about people fascinates you the most?
My first thought is that I am fascinated by what people find attractive or appealing. There is so much variety in opinions. I think it is interesting to see what colors people like or dislike, what clothes they choose to wear, what trends they choose to love or hate. I am always fascinated to hear the reasoning behind why someone loves a certain name but loathes another, or what their pet peeve is.

Would you ever want to star in your own Truman Show?
Never. Being filmed, photographed, or having large numbers of people look at me makes me nervous. I turn bright red and slowly begin to panic.

If you could have met any famous person before they were famous, just so you could follow their journey to success, who would it be?
Ryan Reynolds. But I wouldn’t just follow his journey to success. I would have married him right off the bat so we’d live happily ever after.

If you could be a citizen of any other country, which would you choose?
The United Kingdom! When I was younger, I was obsessed with the UK. I had travel books, British magazines, and watched shows about the UK whenever I could. I even bought a book detailing the history of the British Royal Family and read it from cover to cover. My plan was always to move there. We’ll see if that ever actually happens.

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