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The Other Football's Biggest Fan

Alt textIf you’ve paid any attention to the World Cup, the name Luis Suárez might ring a bell. He bit a guy.

Aside from that, all most people really know is that he’s from Uruguay, but he also plays for Liverpool – Adam Troester’s favorite futbol team. Well, it’s second to the United States men’s national team, but that doesn’t mean Adam hasn’t been affected by Suárez’s actions.

See, the biting incident got Luis suspended for 12 Liverpool games and Adam picked Uruguay in the office World Cup pool.

Should’ve gone with the red, white and blue.

“I was born in York, Neb., and ended up moving to Lincoln when I was seven years old. At an early age, I was immersed in sports – a trend that’s continued to this day. I went to Lincoln Lutheran High School where I played four sports throughout the year. After graduating, I attended the University of Nebraska and got a job at HuskerVision. An internship at ESPN in Bristol, Conn., soon followed and I spent three months running cameras for studio shows like SporstCenter, NFL Live and Baseball Tonight.

“After college, I moved to Omaha and my wife Kirsten and I got married in August 2012. You can usually find us hanging with our family and friends, traveling, going to sporting events and concerts, or just relaxing at home.

“Needless to say, sports play a big part in my life and working at Hudl has given me the opportunity to be a ‘pro’ in the sports world, even if it isn’t how I imagined when I was a kid. I am the sales representative for the Southern California and Nevada territories. I get to talk to coaches every single day, discussing how they can utilize Hudl.”

How do you feel about soccer?
One day when I was just a toddler, my brother (who is three years older) was playing in a soccer game. His coach offered me a Snickers if I went out and played. Not only did I get a Snickers for playing, I scored a goal for a team with players way older than me. Ever since that day, I have loved the game. There is no other sport like it and those who have never played will never understand how difficult and rewarding it really is.

What are your thoughts on #USMNT advancing in the World Cup?
You can probably already tell, but I am very excited. No matter how many people in this country want to deny it, the World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world. This country is starting to buy in. Look at this photo if you don’t believe me. America is rarely the underdog and this team showing up and advancing will hopefully remove that label for future World Cups. I BELIEVE!

Can people who don’t usually enjoy soccer join the World Cup bandwagon?
Of course they can. I would love nothing more than for America to be like every other country and live and die with our national team. That will never happen if we don’t allow new fans to start showing up at World Cups. As I like to say, having bandwagon fans root for your team is usually a good thing because that means something big is happening.

Who was your hero as a kid? Who is it now?
Brett Favre and Ken Griffey Jr. when I was a kid and, I know it’s cliché, but now it’s my parents. Why the change? I guess I know now there’s more to life than having a rocket arm and being able to hit a ball 500 feet, and both of my parents show me in different ways what those values are.

What’s the most bizarre outfit you’ve ever worn?
One of my favorite outfits that I can no longer get away with wearing is the custom-made Husker suit I wore to football games for two years. I may not wear it to games anymore, but it still hangs on the back of my chair at Hudl.

Would you rather join the Men in Black or the Avengers?
Men In Black. There is nothing like showing up in a suit and dominating the opposition. Also, if you mess up, you can always erase everyone’s memory and they’ll never know.

What’s been your favorite Hudl SEC event? Or what upcoming event are you most excited for?
After being to Vegas 13 times, I am looking forward to experiencing it with 150+ Hudlies. The combination of two of my favorite things may turn out to be the best “work week” ever.

Can you pop, lock, and drop it? Or do the Bernie? What’s your preferred hip hop move?
I can do the Weekend at Bernie’s Dance very well… That’s what you meant right?

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