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We Break It down in Minutes

Alt textBasketball is flow-based (surprise!), meaning every second of every game is worth studying. This makes the film experience much different than that of sports with more downtime, like football. So with the latest round of updates to Hudl’s basketball workflow, clips are out. Nobody is marking the beginning and end of every play, you’re just using the app to tell us when important things happen.

That’s all Hudl needs to do the editing for you.

Within minutes, the stats are matched with raw video and film study is possible as soon as you hit the locker room.

But the game just ended! I haven’t even looked at a computer! How is film study an option?

With Live Upload, Tag a Game, and auto-matching, computers aren’t all that necessary – cameras might not be, either.

  1. Live Upload
    You can record the full game with the same camera you’ve always used, or get acquainted with capturing via iPad. The awesome thing about recording your game with an iPad connected to the gym’s Wi-Fi is that the whole thing will upload to Hudl.com as it’s captured. You don’t have to hook up to your laptop and upload everything through a separate software. The game’s already online, ready for review.

    Regardless of what you use to record, save the Pause button for longer stoppages, like timeouts, fouls and halftime. Don’t start and stop for every possession. Alt text

  2. Tag a Game
    Find an iOS device (not the one recording the game) to complete team stats in real time. You tell the Hudl app who has the ball, and we’ll give you options for each side: 2 PT FG, 3 PT FG, Turnover, Deflection, etc. Once you give us an action, the app will ask the result and move along from there. Stats will update in the middle of the screen and you can access a live box score at any time.

  3. Auto-Matching
    Hudl will work behind the scenes to sync all tagged data with the game film. As far as team stats go, you don’t have to lift a finger. A complete breakdown is waiting for you minutes after the final buzzer. For individual stats, sit down with the Hudl app and have everything knocked out in 20-30 minutes by filtering out rebounds, makes, and misses.

  4. Better Browsing
    With the tagged data and your complete individual stats, coaches and athletes can log in to the Hudl app and see the most important parts of every game anytime, anywhere. Create playlists of each forward’s misses and makes, and be sure your staff revisits the ugliest turnovers before planning Monday’s practice. Alt text

Your time should be spent studying, not waiting for everything to be broken down. Enjoy an easier workflow and let Hudl do the breakdown for you – in minutes, not days.

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