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Support's Race with Usain

April wrapped up and spring has finally arrived here in Lincoln! After what seemed like a never-ending winter, summer is finally in sight. We can barbecue on the office roof, ride our bikes to work, and our unofficial Hudl softball team has started another season. So far they’re rocking a 1-2 record, but we’ll blame that on getting used to the new bat.

The rising temps haven’t kept you guys off Hudl too long. Numbers held pretty steady throughout the month across all fronts. With spring sports wrapping up, recruiting in full swing, and fall sports gearing up for next season, we haven’t seen the summer drop-off quite yet. We were glad you all kept us busy because it gave us a chance to test out our new phone system. Here’s the breakdown for the month:

  • We took 5,603 calls in April, a 9% increase from March. Even with the slight increase in calls, our average hold time was still only 35 seconds. To put this in perspective, from the time you called until the time we picked up, Usain Bolt couldn’t even make it 400 meters. Fact.

  • 6,601 emails came through this month. Though it’s a 1% decrease from March, it’s a 65% increase from last year. Glad y’all are getting used to our fast response times! We averaged only 29 minutes before getting back to you.

  • We plowed through 626 chats this month - proving to our parents that time spent on AOL Instant Messenger was worth it.

  • Overall, we interacted with our coaches 12,830 times! What? Yes, 12,830.

And how did you guys feel about all of these interactions? Pretty great. Which makes us feel pretty great, too. Of the 798 surveys we received:

  • 97.6% said we did awesome.

  • 99.6% said you’d hire us if you ran a support crew.

Just don’t steal any of the newbies. Apparently, April showers bring May hires - we’ve convinced 13 more super cool people to join our ranks, bringing our total to a whopping 16. They’ll start throughout the summer and be all-stars by the time football season rolls around. We’re more than excited to have these new faces in the office!

One last thing before we sign off to rack up May stats: Be sure to check out if the Hudl Up Tour is coming to a city near you! We have one awesome week left to get these tips and tricks out to help you dominate next season.

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