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Pepper Spray Prankster

Alt textIf there’s one Hudlie who can never be trusted, it’s Jared McCoskey. That kid is all about deceit. The prank rate at Hudl quadrupled as soon as he came on board last summer, and it doesn’t look like things will go back to normal anytime soon. You can take as many precautions as you want – lock your computer screen, form a buddy system, hide in the corner – he’s found a way around everything.

“I was born in Des Moines, Iowa, but grew up in Lincoln. I attended the best high school in town, known as Lincoln Christian. We’ve got a rivalry with Lincoln Lutheran that will never die - just ask Hudl Support’s Lutheran alumni. I played all sports growing up, but stuck with football and track through high school. I knew my basketball career was over when I went for a layup on the wrong basket and missed. I’ve always been a big fan, though. Always the loudest and proudest of my team at any sporting event.

“I went to college in Springfield, Mo. People ended up calling me ‘Nebraska’ because I always talked about how great Lincoln is. College involved some studying, a few stupid things (like getting pepper sprayed just to see what it felt like), and a lot of pranking. Messing with people is one of my passions. I received my bachelor’s degree in advertising and public relations, and moved to Houston, Texas with a friend to housesit for a year. I ended up being personal assistant to a billionaire. Easily the strangest job I’ve ever had. Houston was fun, but I definitely missed the Midwest. Walmarts were way scarier there. Also, the traffic and the heat were brutal.

“I was happy to move back to Lincoln the following year. I missed Husker games, Phat Jack’s BBQ (barbecue is my jam), and boating every weekend. I joined the Coach Relations team back in July 2013 and have told people it’s my dream job ever since. I absolutely love working here.”

What would you like to accomplish between now and May 16, 2015?
I’d like to purchase a moped to scoot around town. It would be great for the Nebraska winters, too.

What’s your favorite social network? What’s there that you’re really proud of?
Twitter entertains me for days. It has everything I need on one convenient screen! One time, Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman followed me and then unfollowed me within about an hour. He really liked my tweets.

What’s one of your favorite tweets of all time? Written by you or someone else.
@FauxPelini consistently makes me bust out loud laughing. My recent favorite: “If you think I grunt too loudly when I do sit ups then go to a different Starbucks.”

Make a new law for the city, state, or country.
If someone has to pass you on the right, you go to prison for 60 years.

How would you describe your height relative to others’?
I wish I was a little bit taller. I wish I was a baller.

What’s one thing you can’t live without?
If I don’t shower every morning, I feel like a bum.

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