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There Is No One like Dana

Alt textOne of the first things you’ll notice about Dana Nielsen is how tall she is – unless you meet her sitting down. It’s almost like her legs grow a fraction of an inch every morning, so she shows up to work taller than the day before.

And with legs that long, it would be nearly impossible for a person to sit still for long periods of time. They demand freedom! That might explain why Dana can’t handle laziness.

As far as she’s concerned, you can sleep when you’re dead.

“I grew up on the Nielsen family farm in Springfield, Neb. – not to be confused with the 38 other Springfields in the United States. My amazing parents spent their days trying to keep me in line, which is easier said than done. With two older brothers, I learned how to be competitive at a young age. I participated in every sport in the books, until settling on volleyball, basketball, and soccer at Platteview High School.

“Once I became sick of the small town scene, I enrolled at the University of Nebraska, where I received my degree in marketing with minors in advertising and merchandising last May. Two days after graduation, I started at Hudl. In the last year, I’ve been a part of the Support, Sales, and Human Resource departments. I recently transitioned into my role as HR Project Coordinator and am loving every second of helping build our family here at Hudl.

“My life in Lincoln now consists of a league every night – ranging from indoor soccer to sand volleyball to bags (or some may call it cornhole). While I stay pretty busy, you can find me at my happiest hanging out near a lake with a cold drink in hand. To sum it up, life has been good here in the Good Life and it’s only getting better.”

What US city would you love to visit for the first time?
If Miami is good enough for this guy, it’s good enough for me.

Describe what you do at Hudl.
As the HR Project Coordinator, I handle everything from scheduling and conducting interviews to making sure the candidate has an awesome experience while going through the process.

What talent or skill contributes the most to your position at Hudl?
I could spend hours talking to a wall. I love meeting new people and learning about their experiences and what makes them tick.

If you HAD to deal with the cold, where would you want to do it?
Minneapolis, because there’s always a great escape.

If you were to write a book, what would it be about?
I’d compile all short stories from individuals about their experiences at the Rail - the most prestigious bar on O Street.

What’s your sign? Find a fairly typical daily horoscope for yourself.
Sagittarius: Daily life takes an interesting turn when someone new becomes a regular on the scene. A neighbour, new colleague, or fellow student is likely to occupy your mind, and with Venus in the picture, the tension is bound to be immediate and palpable! With Mercury enhancing your gifted way with words, arranging a future romance will be easy. Check out witty Geminis.

What sets you apart from other people?
There is no one like me.

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