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Serving the Nation and Its Coaches

Alt textCaleb Cassel has always been a computer guy. He has the same love of sports as other Hudlies, but while everyone else was shootin’ hoops and winning rallies, he was taking things apart just to see how they’d be put back together.

Those tech savvy ways earned him a university degree and an overseas tour with the U.S. Army Reserve. He’s actually one of two Hudlies who have served in the Armed Forces, which makes this Memorial Day weekend extra special. (Not that we don’t like them every other day.)

“I grew up in Hastings, Neb., a town of about 24,000 people. There wasn’t always much to do, so by age 11 I was tinkering and learning all I could with a computer, and started writing code pretty early. In school I was a huge band geek. I played trombone in every band, group, or competition there was. I was also heavily involved in choir and had a role in some plays. Sports was never my thing, but I did participate in track and field. Nowadays, I spend time playing guitar instead of trombone, and I still run and sign up for races from time to time.

“After graduating in 2001, I was ready to move to the big city of Lincoln to pursue a degree in computer science from UNL. After finishing my first year of college, I was ready to try something new, so I enlisted in the Army Reserve where I worked in information technology. This led to a year-long visit to Iraq in 2004, away from my wife and three-year-old daughter, but we made it through. Five and a half years after I began, I finally finished a double major in math and computer science.

“I made my first webpage way back in 1995 and still love doing it to this day. Now I’m working as a software developer on the Media Tribe, which lets me focus on the most visible parts of Hudl. It’s crazy to think of the amount of traffic we get and how many people will see or be impacted by what I make, which makes it that much more fun.”

What’s the best part of being an adult?
The best part is having no bedtime. The cruel joke is that now my body requires more sleep.

What’s your go-to television station? What show do you wish was always on?
Station? You mean Netflix, even though Netflix is missing Seinfeld. I could always watch Seinfeld.

Would you rather be able to eat anything without gaining weight, have an eidetic (photographic) memory, never become tired, or have everyone like you? Why?
Never become tired – I would love having all that extra time to learn something, make things, or finally catch up on How I Met Your Mother.

What’s the scariest situation you’ve ever been in?
Explosive rockets flying over my tent in Iraq takes the cake on that one.

Have you learned anything awesome and new this week?
The first fax machine was invented when people were still traveling the Oregon Trail, yet we still use them today.

Pitch me an idea for a new reality TV show.
People Watchers: Teams of two, armed with nothing but a camera, compete to get the best footage of the most awkward, outrageous, or funny interactions between people in public. They can just observe, or one of the team members can instigate. Whoever gets the most views online wins.
Survey says…

What was Captain Hook’s name before he got the hook?
Captain Hand, obviously.

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