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Hudl in the Big O

Alt textWe’re growing. In terms of features, teams, and Hudlies, the numbers are bigger today than they were just two years ago. We’ve gone from 50 full-time Hudlies in May 2012 to nearly 130 now.

We couldn’t be more excited about what this means for coaches and their athletes (with more people working on Hudl come new ways for you to dominate), but we’re running out of space for all of this brain power. So we’re opening a new office an hour down the road in Omaha, Neb.

What does this mean for Hudl? That’s a loaded question, but all good things. Rather than rambling about our excitement over the mounting possibilities, we’ll cover a few questions that have been asked since the news became public last week.

Is Hudl moving to Omaha?
Nope, we’re just opening an additional office there. Our headquarters will remain in Lincoln, Neb.

Does it have a special name?
If you think “Hudl’s Omaha office” is special, yes. This is actually our third office – last spring, we opened a second office one block away from our first in the Lincoln Haymarket.

Where is the Omaha office located?
Omaha, of course. More specifically, it’s in the Old Market at 1013 Jones Street. If you’re familiar with the space formerly occupied by the Nomad Lounge, that’s where we’ll be.

Who will work there?
Most of the Hudlies taking over Omaha will be Product Team members - quality assurance analysts, project managers, designers and software developers - but a few other departments will have some bodies there, as well.

Does this mean Lincoln has reached capacity?
It does not. We’re actually finishing an addition to the first Hudl office at 151 N. 8th St., giving us even more room to grow.

So, is Hudl hiring?
Always. In fact, we’re looking to double the size of our product team in 2014, which means we’re looking for more than 40 guys and gals who love getting to the bottom of how Hudl works.

Even more exciting: This month, we’re offering a $10,000 hiring bonus for product team positions in any city, including those in Texas, California and New York where we already have people working remotely.

When does this greatness kick off?
The office should be ready to rock this August, but we can’t wait that long to show everyone what’s in store, which is why we’re hosting an open house Thursday, May 8. We’ll be there from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and again from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Snacks and drinks will be provided at both sessions, and we’ll have plenty of information on open positions. Whether you’re interested in the space or a job, be sure to stop by. If you have any questions between now and then, let us know.

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