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Hudl Community Champions

Here at Hudl, we’ve always put a big emphasis on giving back. In years past, the Hudl Helps program allowed each employee to give a donation on behalf of the company to the charitable organization of their choice. This year, we’re doing things a little differently with the Hudl Community Champions task force – a group in charge of choosing two local organizations that the company can rally behind with donations of our time and money.

The task force spent several months gathering suggestions from Hudlies and meeting with a ton of worthy organizations throughout Lincoln. In the end, we were finally able to choose two – Lincoln’s YMCA (who we had previously worked with on their Strong Kids Campaign) and the People’s City Mission.

In 2013 alone, the People’s City Mission helped over 30,000 people all over Lincoln, and after going out to tour their facilities we realized how big their impact really is. They offer those in need everything from shelter, to meals, to free health care. When we saw the sheer number of people benefitting from this amazing organization, there was no question how we could and would help.

We love all the work that the People’s City Mission does, but we were especially excited about the opportunities presented to us to work with young children at the mission. We hope two of the three events we’re currently planning will bring joy and excitement to many of the children at the mission. We hope to do our part to brighten their day and teach them a little about the value of teamwork and fun. (For the Lincoln YMCA, Hudl will volunteer for at least two events this year, including one in which we’ll provide all funds and manpower.)

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