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Hudl Athletes Have a New Look

Alt textOne of our main goals at Hudl is to make every athlete look and feel like a pro. It’s no small task, but we found a good place to start in a complete overhaul of our athlete profile pages.

From school colors to a team history, new vitals and a featured highlight, not only is navigating Hudl more aesthetically pleasing, but it’s easier and definitely worth your while.

In addition to changing the public look of profiles, we decided the profile management experience could use a revamp of its own. We’ll give you a rundown on the fan side of things before digging deeper into how athletes have new control over their own pages.

Athlete Profile Page

  • The first thing you’ll notice is a whole new look to the header and each athlete’s basic information. The header now spans the entire length of the profile, with each athlete’s name, number, primary and secondary positions, primary team and location, as well as a headshot if one has been uploaded.

  • We also made athlete vitals more noticeable than ever, complete with verified data from Nike SPARQ Combines and Training Camps. Verified data will appear in bright green text, accompanied by a “Nike SPARQ Verified” badge.

  • Highlight videos have a different layout, too. The “Featured Highlight” will appear under the header as an oversized thumbnail. Which reel appears there is totally up to the athlete – it can be changed at any time on the Manage Profile page. Below that, up to three additional reels will appear. (Thumbnails will display view counts and reel lengths when applicable.)

Alt text

  • If the reel you’re looking for is not listed, just click “View All Highlights” below the thumbnails to open a new page listing every highlight created for that athlete.

  • And for the first time ever, an athlete’s Hudl team history is displayed. Near the bottom of the page, you can find a list of that athlete’s former or additional teams, with quick links to each one’s Hudl page.

Alt text

Athlete Profile Management

Considering you’re always on the go, it’s now easier for athletes to edit or enhance profile pages from any mobile device or computer. All you have to do is log in to Hudl and choose Manage Profile under your name up in the corner.

Data entry and selection is now broken up into categories:

Alt text

  • Basic Information includes name, number, height, weight, graduation year, primary and secondary positions, primary sport and your profile picture. You can also enter your Twitter handle and have it publicly displayed just below your name.

  • Featured Highlight is the reel you want most prominently displayed on your profile. This can be changed at any time. The highlight currently selected as featured will have the green checkmark.

  • Strength & Speed includes a set of metrics for all athletes. If you don’t want certain info appearing on your profile, just leave those fields blank.

  • SPARQ Camp Data is an option if you attend a Nike camp and get tested. A green checkmark will appear on whatever camp is currently displayed. All scores have to come from the same camp – you cannot mix and match scores from multiple Nike events. If no camp is chosen, displayed data will revert back to what’s manually entered in the Strength & Speed category.

Alt text

  • Academic Information is as easy as it gets! Just enter your scores in the available fields and upload a transcript. This information is not available to the general public. Only verified recruiters will have access.

  • Contact Information is just like academic data in that it won’t be made public. Only verified recruiters will be able to reach out.

  • Awards & Achievements is where you strut your stuff. All State, District Finals MVP, Leading Scorer – no accomplishment is too small to list!

Bonus: The “View Your Profile” button now exists to let you seamlessly transition back and forth while editing, just to see how everything will appear to the public. Click it every once in a while and check yourself out.

As with every other update to Hudl pages and features, we know there are still tweaks to be made and love getting feedback. But how are you supposed to give it without a better look at everything? Start browsing profiles and let us know what you think.

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