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Spring Clean Your Hudl Account

By the beginning of April, it should start to feel a lot like spring outside - at least for most of America. For those of us in Nebraska, not so much. Either way, spring has sprung and it’s time to revisit your Hudl account! Set aside some time to do a little cleaning and show some love with our top 10 tips on gearing up for the 2014-2015 season.

  1. You have to upload those new games to one folder or another, right? Open the Manage Schedule page and click Add New Season to create a whole new branch in your library. Make sure to check the boxes next to those returning players, then click Add this Season.

    Once that season exists, you can start adding events to your schedule. Enter all of your games, scrimmages and practices now so you won’t have to take that extra step when it comes time to upload.

  2. If you made any changes to your staff, you’ll want to clean up the Manage Coaches page. Add new coaches in the offseason and give them time to get a feel for Hudl.

    Check out Manage Roster while you’re at it. You can disable last year’s seniors, or delete any athletes that are no longer part of the team. This ensures that all shared playlists and messages only reach your active roster.

    (Keep in mind: Deleting an athlete will delete their Athlete Profile and any highlights they’ve created. We strongly suggest you stick to disabling.)

  3. Remove the custom reports you just don’t need anymore. Maybe they were created by former members of your staff, or you made a couple weird ones by mistake. You can also delete existing reports that might be cluttering up your library tree.

  4. As we all know, opponent scout and practice film can take up a good chunk of storage hours. Open up Manage Storage to find the film you won’t need, and delete it to make room for this season’s playlists.

    Want to save some of that opponent scout or practice film for a rainy day? Download it from Manage Library and save it on your computer or an external hard drive.

  5. Get to know Tag a Game! This feature has been a part of our iOS app for almost two years and is seriously underutilized. Having one person tell an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch what’s happening as the game is being played will save you a ton of time when it comes to entering breakdown data.

    And when we say a ton of time, we mean 16 completed columns worth.

  6. Clean up the values in Manage Breakdown Data. Delete old plays or formations, correct misspelled entries, and make sure to lock those values! Locking values prevents future typos and guarantees more accurate reports.

  7. Double check all of your cameras to make sure they’re still in working order. Delete any old film from the camera’s built-in memory or SD card to make sure you don’t run out of room halfway through the first game!

    Thinking about purchasing a new camera? Check out last season’s recommendations. (And check back for a new list later this month!)

  8. Run a test upload! This is a must before each new season. Sometimes the school’s computer and Internet settings are switched up without coaches ever noticing a change. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck mid-upload on Friday night, so take some test video and upload with Mercury just to make sure.

  9. If you haven’t already, activate Hudl Play Tools. You can use Playbook and Practice Scripts for free until your team’s next invoice is due. If that’s six months from now, you have all that time to see if you like what the bundle has to offer.

    If you used Playbook or Practice Scripts last season, go through existing play cards and delete what you just don’t need anymore - just be sure to keep those templates so you don’t have to draw everything from scratch this fall.

  10. Launch a Hudl Campaign. It’s the absolute easiest way for your team to earn money. We’ll ask you a few questions about your program and the fundraiser, then create a custom donations page for friends, family and fans to visit.

    Schedule a launch event and ask athletes to bring a minimum number of email addresses for any potential donors. Once those contacts are entered and invitations are sent, you’re done. Sit back and watch 100% of every donation (minus 4% for credit card processing) go back to your team.

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