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Support Stats Have Sprung

It’s not true what they say - what happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Believe it or not, we did spend a good portion of our time (okay, almost half) brainstorming ideas to dominate better in 2014. While we didn’t all come back millionaires, we came back rich in ideas to help ourselves help you.

Before those ideas are set in motion, let’s revisit last month’s numbers.

  • We took 3,691 calls in March, answering 92% within three minutes. Taking approximately 176 calls per day gave us just enough time to plan this year’s Hudl Up Tour. (Don’t forget to register for the closest stop!)

  • We answered 6,092 emails and 726 chats. That’s nearly double the amount of calls we took! March 2013 marked the first month that we took more emails than calls and not much has changed since. Even though we miss your voices, we’re really proud that coaches have noticed how quickly we respond to emails - usually within our goal of 30 minutes or less.

  • The average hold time was 46 seconds.

As always, thanks for the love and feedback in those follow-up surveys. We truly value what our coaches have to say. Of the 821 surveys we received:

  • 798 (97%) said their experience was awesome.

  • 818 (99.63%) said they would hire the support rep they spoke with.

We’re also excited to announce we’ve officially added three new people to the support wolf pack!

  • Ian Jordan and Ashley Schlake will join us Monday, April 7th.

  • Morgan Bohl will start June 2nd.

With the start of football in the not-so-distant future (Go Big Red), don’t forget to give that dormant Hudl account a little love. Spring showers bring May flowers and spring cleaning brings a successful season.

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