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Anti-Blue Jeans Justin

Alt textWe’ve heard a lot of interesting things about Justin Hansen, but we have no idea what is and isn’t true. Like, he might have a cousin with the same first name, middle name, and birthday. There’s also a chance he was detained by police for six hours when they thought he was some guy who robbed a bank. Then he mentioned having visited every U.S. state except for Alaska and driving the same car since high school.

None of this means he’s a compulsive liar. We actually asked him for three lies and a truth, but he won’t tell us which is which. Maybe you can help figure it out by taking in some other life facts.

“I was born in the great city of Lincoln, Neb., on one of the coldest days on record (-20 or something). Growing up, I spent most days playing outside in the street with my neighborhood friends, and we somehow avoided getting hit. My parents still reside in Lincoln while my older sister and her husband live in San Antonio. I ran hurdles and played football at Lincoln Southeast High School and graduated from THE University of Nebraska.

“After college, I worked for a credit card company and moved on to sell used cars. If I ever become a lawyer for big tobacco, I will have covered every questionable profession around (Hudl excluded). I applied at Hudl last March after a college friend posted on Facebook about her husband’s awesome company. Since then, I have been selling Hudl to coaches from Hawaii, Florida and a few places in between. In my spare time, I stay active playing sand volleyball, running Tough Mudders and tackling anything else outdoorsy.”

If you could implant yourself into an existing TV show, what would it be? What role would you have?
It would have to be Game of Thrones. As for the character? I’m not sure because everyone dies in that show. How about one of the dragons? This is my wish, right? I want to be one of the dragons.

What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?
Pi. Some crazy mathematician finds the number π is the secret to unlocking everything in the universe and gives himself a lobotomy. And it’s in black and white for no reason.

What’s your preferred art utensil?
Those smelly markers we all sniffed a little too long as kids. Admit it, you did too.

What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?
Blue jeans at a wedding. Most of my family is from small town Nebraska, so I’ve seen it countless times. Save some of the money you spent on a wedding gift and buy a pair of slacks.

What’s guaranteed to make you geek out?
High school football recruiting. I was that college kid that could name everyone in the Rivals100 and what high school they went to. #BrianToal

What attracted you to Hudl in the first place?
At the time, I was working for the bank software company Office Space is based on. So, yeah. The culture here is much more progressive and forward-thinking.

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