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Baby on Board!

Alt textDani Werth has been part of the Hudl marketing team for six whole months now, but it feels like much longer. It was the middle of football season when she came in guns blazin’, and she’s made stuff like state champions swag, the Hudl Up Tour, and our youth materials look really, really good ever since.

But we’ve had a few scares along the way – when the Hudl Plague struck in January, Dani emerged as the office germaphobe and worked from home for a solid week. And it’s a good thing she did, we’d hate to get the pregnant girl sick.

“I grew up in Seward, Neb., graduating in 2008 from the only high school we had, Seward High. That’s where I met my high school sweetheart and now-husband, Kelly. My parents, Eric and Maria, also attended Seward and have been together so long that their names are carved inside a heart on a doorway in the middle school equipment room. I have two younger brothers who are in high school, Adam and Devon, both of whom I’m already recruiting to come work at Hudl.

“I started college at Southeast Community College to become a nurse, but realized halfway through it wasn’t what I wanted to do the rest of my life. That’s when I switched to graphic design. I graduated in 2012 from SCC’s graphic design program and have never once regretted choosing a different path. I love what I do. In June 2012, Kelly and I finally tied the knot and about a year later bought our dream home here in Lincoln.

“I joined the Hudl marketing team in October 2013 as an interactive designer. We’re responsible for getting coaches excited about Hudl, providing them with the information they need to dominate every nook and cranny of our product.”

Do you have a favorite smell?
A pumpkin spice candle in the fall, while the windows are open in the house. All three variables must be present in order to create what I assume heaven smells like – 2/3 won’t cut it.

In honor of this week’s NCAA Championship, what’s your favorite major sporting event to watch?
Given my background in marketing, and football being my favorite sport to watch, I have to go with the Super Bowl. Football, advertising, food, friends and a cold beer all wrapped into one equals a helluva day for me!

Are you saving for anything really big right now?
A baby! My husband and I are expecting our first kiddo in September!

What’s your favorite movie of all time? Why?
Hocus Pocus – classic. When I was little, I picked it every time we rented a movie until my mom finally bought it for me. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world that I shared a name with one of the main characters. I had ever met or heard of another Dani when I was that young, and still don’t know many to this day. I watch it every year around Halloween (and even in between). It takes me back every time!

Excited for any flicks that may be coming soon?
The new Dumb and Dumber. Don’t let me down!

What would you love to learn more about?
I’d love to learn about aviation. I’m fascinated with planes. I have a lot of family members in the aviation business including two pilots, a flight attendant, and Air Force members. We even have a friend who is a pilot and takes us up in his plane for fun. One time I actually flew the plane with him. One of the top 10 moments in my life for sure!

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned since joining Hudl?
I’ve learned that it is possible to have the best of the best all working together towards a common goal. Every day I’m amazed by the talented people I work with here at Hudl. And I am incredibly thankful to be a part of this team!

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