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Creating School-Wide Campaigns

As school and sport schedules wind down in the spring and early summer, these next few weeks are the perfect time to create and launch a campaign - not just for your team, but the entire school. We’ve shown you how custom donation pages can help youth programs and winter sports, but Lee’s Summit High School in Missouri took their Hudl Campaigns game to a new level. They put their athletic and administrative resources to good use and chose to focus not on one sport, but a community.

“Help us become and continue to be the best strength and conditioning program in the state of Missouri.”

The Tigers’ weight room was already one of the state’s best, but equipment was dated and a secondary space needed renovating. Because their strength and conditioning program affects all students and athletes - not just one team or program - Coach Eric Thomas teamed up with the school’s principal to record a top-notch interview. While Coach Thomas discussed their fundraising goals, Principal John Faulkenberry touched on the impact the program has on game-time performance, physical fitness, and personal development.

The audio played over video shot specifically for the campaign page - showing strength and conditioning exercises in action, and the variety of students involved in the program. You can head here to take it all in.

“The strength and conditioning program at Lee’s Summit High School has completely revolutionized our results out on the field.”

In addition to the audio and video appealing to potential donors, Coach Thomas discussed incentives in the text displayed along the bottom of the campaign page: Those who donated $700 or more would be recognized with a name plaque prominently displayed in the weight room, and anyone interested in donating via check could send payment to a given address – providing options for those not interested in using a credit card.

“Even kids not directly involved in sports… get to connect the dots between putting in terrific effort and getting results.”

Before launch, Coach Thomas asked every strength and conditioning student to collect at least 10 email addresses. To hold everyone accountable and expedite the invite process, he dedicated a period to sending invitations from school-issued laptops. Once students raised a certain amount or sent a number of legitimate emails, they had their pick of t-shirts, beanies and scarves.

Outside of class, other coaches were welcome to join in entering family, friends and fans of their own. When it was all said and done:

  • More than 140 athletes and coaches participated

  • A total of 3,601 invitations were sent

  • Donations came in from 234 campaign page visitors

  • Their goal of $10,000 was exceeded in just 30 days

And the whole thing is still active.

Whenever you’re ready to give Campaigns a shot, just log in to Hudl and find it in your Manage tab. For details on recording audio, sending invites and everything in between, you can always check out the tutorial.

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