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Support Has New Resolutions

February was full of changes for everyone on the Hudl team. With more than a dozen new hires coming down the pipe, and veterans changing roles left and right, there hasn’t been a dull moment since 2013. Hudl Support had a part in those changes, but we promise they’re for the better! We were already dedicated to providing you world-class support, but realized tallying the monthly numbers didn’t mean much if we weren’t comparing them to anything. So we came up with some new goals that we’re pretty excited about.

Hopefully our coaches like them, too:

  • 96% awesome surveys

  • 92% of calls answered in three minutes or less

  • Average initial email response time of 45 minutes or less

  • Average first chat response time of one minute or less

Our main goal is to solve your issues quickly and get solutions right the first time. We hope the above goals help us achieve that world-class standard we always aspire to.

Office renovations wrapped up a few weeks ago, so we made the great migration to our new old space where there’s so much room for activities. We’re currently taking votes for inspirational wall quotes and it looks like Pitbull might make the cut. Let us know if you have any other suggestions!

To match that new office, we need new people. We’ll hit the hiring trail hard over the next few months, so all new Hudlies should be ready to rock in time for football season.

Now, on to what we came for! February saw a fairly quiet Support Pit, which allowed each of us to dabble in other areas such as sales, quality assurance, and human resources. Between odd jobs, we took 4,840 calls – 756 less than what we took in January, but hold times were pretty similar:

  • 54% within 30 seconds

  • 71% within a minute

  • 91% within three minutes

6,341 emails came in, along with 963 chats. We expect these numbers to continue winding down as basketball season comes to an end.

We received 1,021 survey responses this month.

  • 96.38% of coaches said they had an awesome experience.

  • 99.8% said they would hire the rep they talked with.

Around Hudl we like to hold each other accountable by bringing the #realtalk whenever it’s needed. Please hold us accountable to the new goals we’ve set for the year. It’s our pleasure to bring you world-class support any way we can.

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