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Wilken, Chad Wilken

Alt textChad has a lot going on. On top of celebrating his one-year anniversary at Hudl just a few weeks ago, he’s in the middle of “planning” a wedding. Add his fatherly responsibilities to the mix, and it’s pretty amazing he doesn’t require 12 hours of sleep a night. (We don’t watch him sleep or anything. He admits to snoozing a normal amount of time.)

It must be his giant brain. How else does one person have so much software knowledge and a knack for movie quotes? Movie quotes require serious memory space!

“I am originally from Lincoln, Neb., but lived in Roseville, Calif. for a few years during high school. I’m the baby of the family with two sisters, Alisha and Cara. I have a 4-year-old son, Cohen, who is quite possibly the coolest kid ever. I went to Northeast High School (go Rockets!) and graduated from Southeast Community College in 2011 with a degree in computer information technology. I’m currently working on the iOS app at Hudl, but I’ve also worked on billing, the library page, HTML5 video player, and a few other items. My daily duties revolve around building really cool stuff.”

Make up a sport. What’s the equipment? How many players? What’s the objective?
In high school, a buddy and I went in his cement garage and shut the lights off. We then threw a golf ball as hard as possible, and attempted to dodge it in the dark. I never said it was a good sport, but we played it well.

Is there a show you’ve recently become addicted to?
This one isn’t so recent, but when I first discovered Dexter, I watched five seasons in just over a week. I slept about four hours every night because I couldn’t turn it off.

If you could do anything to celebrate your next birthday, what would you do?
I would arrange for cops to chase me to a landing strip where a small plane would be waiting for me to “steal”. When I reached 12k feet, I would jump out. Because everyone has dreams of being a spy, and it’s my birthday so I can do whatever I want.

How involved have you been with wedding planning?
I chose my niece’s flower girl dress and made a single call to check on the price of catering. I now claim that I have planned the entire wedding.

If you could choose the first thing you see every morning when you wake up what would it be?
The ocean. I think there is something majestic about the ocean. I love knowing that it covers most of the earth and we have only explored a tiny bit of it. Who knows what else is out there? Giant squid, Godzilla, who knows…

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