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Defensive Playbook Is Here

Alt textThis is a big deal. Not a huge deal, per se, but pretty great. It’s not often we have an announcement that gets both sides of the ball excited. With the latest updates to Hudl Playbook, not only will the offense have a better building and sharing experience, but the defense now has tools of their very own.

Defensive Playbook is officially live, and, like our other play tools, it’s totally free until your next invoice is due.

Hudl’s defensive playbook has almost all of the same tools as the offensive playbook, including play creation, video attachment, rules, install creation and sharing, player usage tracking, printing, and presentation.

One thing we’re still working on is animating routes in presentation mode. Just know that it’s already on our list of to-dos.

As we built the defensive playbook, we made some changes to the existing offensive playbook. You now have more control over which video clips are added to plays and team admins now have the ability to transfer installs.

If you leave one team to coach another, you shouldn’t have to build the same playbook from scratch. Now, you can use your new Hudl account to import every install you’ve already created. The details are below!

Video Selection

  • You can now choose video from any game. If the suggested videos don’t have the right play, just hit I can’t find the clip I’m looking for to browse your full library.

  • Hudl will automatically order the clips by what’s important for your side of ball. We first try to match on any fields you entered in the play name, then we order by GN/LS and Result to give you the perfect clips to study.

  • When you or your athletes play the clips in an install, every available angle will play all the way through.


  • Only admins can export an install, either by entering the recipient’s email or requesting a key to pass along.

  • Everything will be copied over - video, diagrams, and rules.

  • Once an install is exported, all team admins will receive an email telling them who did it.

  • We will also keep a log on the install that shows when it was exported.

  • To import an install, simply copy the key (active for seven days) from the email and paste it in your Hudl account - everything will transfer over in a matter of seconds.

As with every new feature and update, please keep the feedback coming! We’re still dedicating a lot of time to building playbook in the offseason, so be on the look out for more improvements over the next several months.

Until then, check out our tutorials to make sure you’re getting the most out of Hudl Playbook!

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