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Tina's Inner Tink

Alt textTina Kletchka is tiny, and we don’t throw that word around too freely. It’s used in this case because she’s arguably the smallest person at the company. Stand-up desks are a thing around the Hudl office. Tina has one that’s about as tall as other people’s normal sit-down setups.

But she embraces the small! She even admitted that if she were to be any non-princess Disney character, it would be Tinkerbell because she’s small and feisty. That’s Tina to a T.

“I was born in Kansas City, Mo., and moved to Lincoln when I was five years old. I have an awesome family that includes my older sister Michelle, my younger brother Scott, and my mom and dad. I kept myself busy as a child with gymnastics, diving, cheer and dance. I started teaching dance in high school and continue to teach it today.

“After high school, I attended the University of Nebraska where I studied advertising and broadcast production. I had the most amazing internship at HuskerVision where I became the producer for the women’s gymnastics team. My senior year, I moved down to Florida and took an internship with Walt Disney World. For six months, I got to work and play in the happiest place on earth. I married my high school sweetheart, Andrew, a year ago this past December, and we are about to move into our first home in March. We have a Shih-poo, Emmy, who is basically our child.

“I started at Hudl in July 2012 in coach support, then moved into account management where I was able to work with awesome coaches on a daily basis. This past December, I changed roles again, now working as the Collective Coordinator and continuing to show my passion for all things Hudl.”

Pick a song to describe one of your office mates.
Only the Bulls” Not a single person in the office would question that this is about Brandon Gries.

On a scale of 1-10 how old do you feel?
Probably a 7. A good book and a glass of wine is my kind of night.

Where would you feel the most out of place?
A volleyball court. I am 5-foot-nothin’ and 100% uncoordinated in any sport that involves a ball. My husband doesn’t even let me play on his intramural sand volleyball team – I have to watch.

Would you like to change your first name? To what?
I love my first name. It is my middle name I would change. It is Joan. You are supposed to say it like JoAnn, but for some reason it is spelled like Joan. How hard would it have been to add that second ‘n’ in there?

If you had to do school over again, what would you study?
I would go to Hogwarts and study defense against the dark arts. I would also be the seeker on the Gryffindor quidditch team. Wizard school beats muggle school any day.

Do you own any customer loyalty cards?
PetSmart and PetCo. Emmy, our Shih-poo, is clearly our No. 1 priority.

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