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Jordan's Cheese Diet

Alt textJordan Heintzelman gets stuff done. When business needs tending to, he tends to it, no jokes allowed. But that’s not to say he doesn’t joke around. He’s pretty good at it. It takes a trained ear to catch on to his dry sense of humor, but once you do, he’s a pretty entertaining guy.

And man, does he love biking. He bikes to work almost every day (no easy task when Nebraska becomes especially snowy and slippery) and has a bike tattoo on his leg.

It’s like we said before - the man means business.

“I grew up in Hooper, Neb., hometown of another, more famous Jordan. I have a twin brother, which naturally turned everything into a heated competition. I stayed busy playing sports and doing pretty much anything to stay outdoors.

“After five years at UNL, I spent a couple of years teaching and coaching in Schuyler, Neb. My second year there, we signed up for a new program called Hudl. As the guy who had been in charge of making DVDs for everybody on the team, I loved how much time it saved me.

“I moved back to Lincoln about three years ago, and was hired as a Coach Support Specialist at Hudl. I’ve since grabbed an opportunity to move onto the QA team, which means I get to work closely with some of the best designers and developers around on a daily basis. When I’m not in the office, you can probably find me hitting one of Lincoln’s many bike trails, or trying to keep up with my dog, Ollie, and his boundless energy.”

What are you feelings toward carnivals?
Why aren’t there any yelling goats?

Do you have a favorite chore? And what’s your least favorite?
Favorite: Does tuning up my bike count as a chore? Least favorite: Mowing the lawn. If it’s nice enough outside to mow, it’s nice enough to do a lot of other much more enjoyable things.

What are your three favorite websites (besides Hudl)?
Wikipedia, for the never-ending rabbit holes. Grantland, for the fantastic, and usually hilarious, mixture of sports and pop culture. And Netflix, because there’s no better way to spend a lazy day than binge-watching TV shows.

What’s your ideal “for Dummies” book?
“Losing Weight by Eating Cheese for Dummies”

What’s your favorite animal to visit at the zoo? Why?
Penguins, because of this.

If you could change one thing about the whole world, what would it be?
I would eliminate xenophobia. The world is full of different cultures, and each one of them has something to offer that would make us all better people. No one group of us has life figured out; but together, we could continue making this planet a wondrous and amazing place to call home.

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