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30 Minutes Make a Successful Campaign

Alt textHudl Campaign success stories are becoming more and more common as coaches understand the positive impact they can have on a program. The Conestoga girls’ basketball team showed us that it doesn’t always matter the size of the team or the number of athletes participating; the real key is setting clear goals for players to reach in an effort to help facilitate the process.

Jay Rosane is head coach of the Class C-1 Cougars. Before arriving in Murray, Neb., Coach Rosane’s career took him to various schools all over the country, where he tried a different form of fundraising with every one of his programs. Until now, there was no easy way to raise the money his teams needed. Every option involved painful door-to-door pleas from the girls. As soon as they got their Hudl Campaign started, it took no time at all for the program to start earning money.

“I have been really impressed with the outpouring of support we have received from pretty much all over the country.”

His strategy was fairly simple but extremely effective. With just 15 players participating, most coaches wouldn’t set the expectations bar too high, but between those 15 girls:

  • 250 invites were sent out

  • 50 donations were received

  • $1,905 has been raised

Not too shabby! And it only took three simple steps to accomplish:

  1. The coaches began by handing out forms for the players to gather email addresses of friends and family who may have been interested in donating.

  2. Coach Rosane then brought the whole team to the computer lab after practice, and had each player enter at least 10 email addresses to their Hudl campaigns invite list.

  3. Small incentives like apparel and gift cards were then given out to reward participation.

The whole process took a whopping 30 minutes and feedback has been awesome since the campaign started.

“I have heard nothing but positive things about the video! People like the fact that we are mentioning the things that we will be purchasing with the funds.”

The Conestoga team is a great example that it doesn’t matter if you have 15 or 50 players, the smallest effort from any number of people can have a huge payoff when it comes to creating a Hudl campaign!

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