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2014 Clinics: Ready for March Madness

Clinic season hits us in the face much like winter in Nebraska. But before you know it, some of the busiest weekends of the year are behind us. It’s been an extremely hectic February for Hudlies, but we just keep truckin’ along as the madness continues into March. Over the next two weeks we will have reps at 22 clinics across 17 states. We’ll continue to hit each and every Glazier and Nike COY clinic, as well as attend our first Clinic of Champions in Reno, Nev.

March and April also mean several university clinic stops - beginning right here in our hometown of Lincoln, with the Nebraska Football Coaches Clinic on March 7th.

If you’re stopping by a Glazier or Nike COY clinic, make sure to check out our presentation schedule (you can get specific times by checking your city’s schedule):

  • Hudl’s Three Ps: Playbook, Practice Scripts, Presentations

  • Dominate with Data

  • 10 More Ways You Wish You Used Hudl

Check out what the next two weeks of our calendar look like, and don’t forget to swing by our booth at any Nike COY or Glazier clinic for a chance to win free Play Tools for a year!

Feb. 27-March 1
Glazier – Atlantic City, NJ
Nike COY – Allentown, Pa.

Feb. 28-March 1
Clinic of Champions – Reno, Nev.
MHSFCA – Foxborough, Mass.
Nassau County High School Football Coaches Association – Oceanside, NY

Feb. 28-March 2
Glazier – Dallas, Texas
Glazier – Chicago, Ill.
Glazier – Cleveland, Ohio
Glazier – Los Angeles, Calif.
Nike COY – Denver, Colo.
Nike COY – Orlando, Fla.

March 2-3
THSADA – Houston, Texas

March 7
Nebraska Football Coaches Clinic – Lincoln, Neb.

March 7-8
Big New England Football Clinic – Newport, RI
ACE Football Clinic – Des Moines, Iowa

March 7-9
Glazier – Reno, Nev.
Glazier – Atlanta, Ga.
Glazier – Herndon, Va.
Glazier – Tampa, Fla.
Nike COY – Berkeley, Calif.
Nike COY – Portland, Ore.

March 8
Erie Area Coaches Clinic – Erie, Pa.

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