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2014 Clinics: Please Stop Snowing

We made Hudl history the first week of February with 20 clinics in one weekend! And surprisingly, it all went down without too many travel issues. We may not be able to say the same over the next couple of weeks with all of these winter storms becoming big enough to name. (Speaking of which, it would be nice if all of this snow came down on a Monday or Tuesday, rather than the middle of week.)

It won’t bring us to a complete standstill, but we will pull the reigns back to “only” 12 clinics this week, and 11 the following. That will allow us to hit 17 states in all corners of the country, where we hope to see you and your staff!

Be sure to pencil in the following sessions at Glazier and Nike COY clinics (you can get specific times by checking your city’s schedule):

  • Hudl’s Three Ps: Playbook, Practice Scripts, Presentations

  • Dominate with Data

  • 10 More Ways You Wish You Used Hudl

You can also swing by the booth at those Nike COY and Glazier clinics to fill out a coach card for the chance to win free Play Tools for a year. Now let’s take a look at our list for the next 2 weeks!

Feb. 12-14
Nike COY - Gulf Coast – Biloxi, Miss.

Feb. 13-15
Glazier – Cincinnati, Ohio
Glazier – Detroit, Mich.
Nike COY- Hartford, Conn.

Feb. 14-15
Glazier – Hanover, N.J.

Feb. 14-16
Glazier – Dallas, Texas
Nike COY – Charlotte, N.C.
Nike COY - Las Vegas, Nev.
Nike COY – Louisville, Ky.
Glazier – Seattle, Wash.
Glazier – Nashville, Tenn.

Feb. 15-17
Glazier – Charlotte, N.C.

Feb. 20-21
PSFCA Convention – State College, Pa.

Feb. 20-22
Glazier - Las Vegas, Nev.
Glazier – Houston, Texas

Feb. 21-22
SCFCA Clinic – Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Alamo City Clinic – San Antonio, Texas

Feb. 21-23
Glazier – Denver, Colo.
Nike COY – Pittsburgh, Pa.
Glazier - Grand Rapids, Mich.
Glazier - St. Louis, Mo.
Glazier - Greenwich, Conn.
Glazier – Minneapolis, Minn.

Feb. 22
The Championship Football Coaches Clinic – Richmond, Va.

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