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Campaigns for Winter Sports

As word about Hudl Campaigns continues to spread, numbers continue to grow. More teams are coming on board with campaigns of their own, thinking up new ways to raise more money than the teams before them. We mentioned how it helped a couple of youth teams back in December, but now it’s time to talk winter sports. With only five players participating in the campaign, one basketball team raised nearly $1,000; and a Missouri wrestling team with years of discount card experience has a new favorite way to fundraise.

Plattsburg High School - Plattsburg, Mo.

Each sport at Plattsburg High is only allowed one fundraiser per year. During his time as head coach, Brandon Burns has tried everything from selling discount cards and team apparel, to hosting community dinners. Some efforts weren’t as lucrative as he hoped they would be, and others just required too much work from coaches and players.

The Tigers’ 2013-2014 fundraising goal was $3,000 - one lump sum to help purchase a new mat light and additional iPads to film and tag duals. Coach Burns used the recommended workflow and asked each player to collect email addresses for 10 potential donors. (No incentives went to the player who sent the most invites or collected the most money.)

More than 200 invitations were sent, with the simple request to visit the team’s donation page - a request that Coach Burns enjoyed being able to monitor.

“I don’t like to feel like we’re bothering people with our fundraisers. I love that Hudl Fundraising allows us to tailor our request specifically to the people we choose.”

From the highlights, to Coach Burns’ soundbites, to the option to give the perfect amount - the donation page definitely resonated with Plattsburg fans. The campaign itself generated $1,855 in donations and once word got out about the fundraiser, an additional $1,345 was given outside of Hudl.

Even if they team hadn’t raised $3,200 - even if they’d only raised half of their $3,000 goal - Coach Burns would have considered it a success just because of how easy it was.

“Hudl simplifies the entire fundraising process. It’s a lot less labor-intensive on the coaching staff than any fundraiser I’ve done before.”

Devon Prep - Devon, Penn.

Basketball head coach Jason Fisher learned about Hudl from another school’s football coach. He was interested, but knew it wasn’t in the Tide’s budget. Devon Prep is a tuition-based private school, and asking parents for additional funds is discouraged. When he realized Hudl Campaigns gave coaches and players the ability to share a compelling page with potential donors outside of the core group that already gives so much, he kicked things off with the players.

“I don’t want your money,” he told them. Instead, he asked them to reach out to extended family and friends while he shared the donation page with a handful of alumni.

Five players - the team’s seniors - got to work sending invitations to anyone and everyone, and the first five donations were enough to renew their Hudl subscription. Before the season had even started, aunts, uncles, grandparents, an alum and an alum’s father all donated.

Because it was the Tide’s first season on Hudl, the only available highlights were from summer scrimmages, but even that practice footage was compelling in the eyes of potential donors.

We’re excited to see so many teams taking advantage of Hudl Fundraising. If you have any questions about getting started with your campaign, visit our support page or shoot us an email!

This is the second piece in a three-part series discussing success with Hudl Campaigns across different sports and levels of play. Parts Three - covering successful football campaigns - will come out this spring.

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